Reaching Key Executives Across Borders: How LakeB2B Empowered a Higher Education Provider


Understanding the client’s specific needs, LakeB2B offered a data-driven solution tailored for the LATAM market:

  • Targeted Decision-Maker Data: We provided a comprehensive dataset encompassing CEOs and HR professionals from relevant companies in both Mexico and Brazil. This ensured the client could directly reach their target audience within the desired company size range.
  • Cultural Nuances and Considerations: Beyond just data provision, we leveraged our expertise to offer insights and recommendations regarding cultural nuances in both countries. This empowered the client to tailor their outreach strategy for optimal communication and engagement.


While specific details on lead conversion or program enrollment are not provided, the client’s testimonial highlights the positive impact of LakeB2B’s solution:

  • Reaching Relevant Decision-Makers: The targeted data provided by LakeB2B enabled the client to connect with the most relevant executives in their target markets.
  • Positive Customer Experience: The client expressed their satisfaction with the overall experience, acknowledging the quality of leads and the ease of outreach.

Client Testimonial:

“Hi LakeB2B team,

Happy New Year!!!

All the customer experiences were so good. We are reaching the leads, and everything seems good.

Thanks for everything Dhanna.

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