Reaching Key Decision-Makers: A Data-Driven Approach


Having enjoyed a successful partnership for over 3 years, the agency turned to LakeB2B for a data-driven solution:

  • Technology-Specific Audience: We leveraged our comprehensive database to pinpoint companies within the specified employee range (500-1,500) that actively utilize ServiceNow software across the USA. This ensured the agency could reach the most relevant audience segment for their campaign.
  • C-Level Connections: The data provided included contact information for C-level executives within the targeted companies. This allowed the agency to directly connect with key decision-makers who could influence purchasing decisions.
  • Data Hygiene and Efficiency: Understanding the agency already possessed an in-house list, LakeB2B performed data suppression against our master database. This eliminated duplicate records and ensured the agency received a net-new (unique) list of high-potential leads, maximizing the efficiency of their outreach efforts.


LakeB2B’s data solutions empowered the advertising agency to achieve significant results in their outreach efforts. By leveraging our comprehensive database and data suppression services, the agency gained access to a highly targeted list of 21,760 companies within their ideal customer profile. This significant number of qualified leads, free from duplicates in their existing list, allowed them to reach a much broader audience of relevant decision-makers within the ServiceNow user base in the USA.

This targeted approach streamlined the sales cycle by connecting the agency directly with C-level executives who could influence purchasing decisions. While the agency did not disclose specific campaign metrics, the positive feedback from their representative highlights the effectiveness of LakeB2B’s solution.

Client Testimonial:

“We continue to have good experiences with LakeB2B. I have not received any feedback on the quality of the list, but as they say, no news is good news. Thanks- Jorge.

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