Lake B2B’s Data Appending Services Helped a Premium Cardiac Healthcare Center Build a High-Quality Pipeline within a Month


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High school guidance counselors are highly specialized healthcare professionals who help students with their academic and personal issues. Their functions may extend from helping students with their career – college admissions or workforce entry – to personal issues such as depression and social anxiety, among others. These professionals need to possess a thorough understanding of student psychology, guidance, and counseling to help them overcome their issues. The United States is home to nearly 100,000 high school guidance counselors who together serve close to 59 million students nationwide.

College advisors mainly specialize in tackling academic issues at the college level. So, for instance, a college advisor would help students choose between different majors to ensure that the student is able to graduate with flying colors, having met all the requirements. In some cases, college professors may also act as college advisors since they have thorough knowledge of different subjects.

Together, the two professionals help students bag their dream college or job. If not, at the least, they are responsible for guiding students onto a bright career path.


High School Guidance CounselorsAll College Advisors (US)


The client company is a non-profit organization that focuses on raising awareness about cardiac problems such as coronary heart disease, cardiac arrest, high blood pressure, heart attack, and more.


Heart disease, mainly in young adults, has been on the rise. Every year, nearly 800,000 people die with heart disease as an underlying issue. For almost half of them, heart disease is the main cause of death. Given these alarming numbers, the client wanted to raise awareness among adolescents and young adults. And what better way to do so than reach out to healthcare professionals who hold the power to influence students to take right decisions for their health? Hence, high school guidance counselors and college advisors across the US were chosen as the target audience.

To get in touch with these two groups of professionals, email and social media marketing were chosen as the two main channels to be followed by event marketing and tele-calls. The client company’s sales and marketing teams developed a customer database to target the said professionals. However, even after a month of rigorous marketing, nothing seemed to work – email deliverability was very low, bounce rates were as high as 12%, and even for those who received the email, the CTRs sunk below 4%. What was even more alarming was that the spam rate exceeded 0.09%, which is considered to be borderline before legal bells ring.

The social media marketing campaigns were not a smooth ride either – Despite a good chunk of the target audience being active on LinkedIn, the client was unable to drive solid engagement. LinkedIn InMails didn’t garner the response the client was looking for. Since the client had no clear picture or ICP of their customers, even LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator could be of little help.

All that was wrong with their email and social media marketing pointed towards a low-performing customer database. There were inconsistencies in contact details and incorrect information. But, most importantly, a lot of the contacts were not genuinely interested in engaging with the client. No wonder InMails didn’t incite desirable responses and email invites to relevant events went unanswered. This is also the reason why email CTORs were high but CTRs told a whole different story.

The client company’s CEO was under immense pressure to ensure campaign success within the next month-and-a-half at the latest to meet the desired client quota. But, given the struggles their sales and marketing teams were facing, this seemed to be a bleak picture.

What Happened Next?

Around this time, the client approached the data experts of Lake B2B. Immediately, the loopholes were discovered – lack of a complete and accurate leads database. This means that the database was not –

  • Accurate – had duplicities, incorrect contact details, etc.
  • Relevant – since it was not opt-in, many of the leads did not pass the vetting process
  • Compliant – with data norms such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM
  • Complete – Despite leads actively searching for similar services online, the client was unable to reach them

Once the problems were discovered, Lake B2B’s expert team started the work of rectification.


Given the nature of the client’s problem, data or email appending was zeroed-in to be the relevant option. Accordingly, the client’s existing database was thoroughly purged of its inconsistencies and inaccuracies. The client’s CRM with its contact names and addresses were matched with a freshly collated accurate and permission-based email database. All incorrect information was wiped out, leaving room for only 100% accuracy.

Not only that, thorough market analysis was conducted to spot leads with the strongest marketing-friendly signals. These new contacts were sent short-form and long-form content such as inforgraphics, case studies, whitepapers, etc. to ensure they might be genuinely interested in the client’s offerings. After this vetting process, only premium MQLs were included in the final database.

It was also ensured that the database was compliant with all vital data norms such as GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and more. Lake B2B delivered a total of 25,105 contacts were included in the final database. Out of this, 13,073 contacts were high school guidance counselors and 12,032 were college advisors across the US who showed genuine interest in the client company.

Lake B2B’s data experts covered over 110 data intelligence fields in the database to ensure the client is able to carry out multi-channel marketing campaigns. These data fields included –

  • Contact Name
  • Job Title
  • Email Address
  • Direct Calling Number
  • Postal Address
  • Fax Number
  • LinkedIn ID
  • Twitter Handle

And more. Pilot programs were run based on the good-as-new database and the result spoke for itself.


One of the main areas the client saw improvement which had not been the case previously was email deliverability which had rose to a whopping 95%. Other than that, the average CTR on email campaigns was always higher than 3%! More and more leads were reaching out to the client company to know more. Moreover, spam rates saw a record low, never exceeding 0.02%. Proper lead nurture and email drip reduced CAC b 120%. This proved that the client was able to –

  • Reach the right leads at the right time with the right message
  • Level up engagement with tailor-made marketing conversations
  • Finally enhance the value of their data, which had started decaying

The campaign response on LinkedIn was equally overwhelming. The client’s network was growing with more and more leads interacting and engaging with the company. The reach volume of the campaign was good and most importantly, LinkedIn CTR improved by 53%. The client company’s CEO was himself overwhelmed by the response. Not only had Lake B2B’s data intelligence solutions helped him reach his goal but had achieved all this within 27 days of campaign deployment.

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