Powering Up Investment with Targeted Campaigns: A Case Study for a Mobile & PC MMORPG Developer

Proposed Solution: LakeB2B partnered with the client to develop a data-driven investor acquisition campaign specifically focused on the gaming industry. This campaign leveraged the following key aspects:

Investor Targeting with Gaming Focus: LakeB2B utilized market research and investor profile data to identify ideal investors with a strong interest in the gaming market and a history of investing in successful game developers, particularly those specializing in MMORPGs.

Compelling Content for Gamers & Investors: LakeB2B created targeted content that resonated with both gamers and investors. This included crafting compelling investment pitch decks highlighting the client’s unique MMORPG concepts, development expertise, and the projected market potential for their games. Additionally, press releases and social media content were tailored to generate excitement within the gaming community.

Multi-Channel Investor Outreach: A multi-channel outreach strategy was implemented to effectively reach the identified investors. This included targeted email marketing campaigns featuring the client’s game concepts, participation in relevant gaming industry events for networking and showcasing their work, and strategic social media promotion to reach both investors and potential players.

Performance Monitoring and Optimization: The campaign was closely monitored throughout the 6-month period. LakeB2B tracked key metrics like email open rates, website traffic generated from investor leads, and the number of investor inquiries. This data was used to continually optimize the campaign for better results, ensuring a focus on attracting the most relevant investors.


The data-driven investor acquisition campaign by LakeB2B yielded significant results for the client:

Increased Qualified Investor Leads: Compared to the client’s previous efforts, the campaign generated a significant increase in the number of qualified investors leads with a proven track record in the gaming sector.

Enhanced Gaming Industry Recognition: The client gained increased recognition within the gaming investment community, positioning them as a promising developer of innovative MMORPG experiences.

Secured Funding for Development: Through the generated leads and compelling communication of their potential, the client successfully secured funding from targeted investors with a strong understanding of the gaming market. This funding allowed them to move forward with confidence in developing their exciting MMORPG concepts.

Client Testimonial: 

“Let me tell you, you really impressed us. The investor leads you brough to the table was exactly what we were looking for – Experienced folks in the gaming sector, familiar with backing successful MMORPGs. That kind of targeted approach is exactly what we needed. Also, this helped us in getting our name out there in the gaming investment world. This campaign helped us in securing funds to take our MMORPG concept to the next level. We cant recommend LakeB2B enough – you expertise and strategic thinking were invaluable to achieve this Goal”

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