Inbound Marketing Success Sore 8X by Setting up Permission Pass Email Campaigns Much to the Awe of Our Clients


The client is a software firm with a mission to build operating systems for modern-day recruiting. This included creating of talent acquisition solution that simplifies workflows, automates tasks – to provide you with the data you need to optimize your outreach, nurture relationships with top talents and understand your pipelines.

The key stakeholder of the company realized that managing and nurturing relationships with top talent would require more than just spreadsheets. They knew they need to build software specifically tuned for recruiters that would automate tasks, track touchpoints, show pipeline views and offer analytics for forecast hires.

In addition to this, the client also specialized in building solutions around Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency, Software, and UX.



The company had created world-class product suites was utilizing a list they had built in-house for all their marketing initiatives. Whether it was in the form of a formal list of information in a CRM or a messy spreadsheet full of contacts this list was essentially what their entire marketing efforts were hinged upon.

This raised the question as to whether this list is being used to its full potential to gain maximum traction out of all the marketing efforts and what are the best practices that can be put in place to achieve better marketing outcomes.

From the perspective of lead generation, it is all about employing inbound marketing tactics by growing the list and engaging your audience with rich insightful content. The client here was unaware of the marketing best practices such as the importance of sending out a permission pass to boost their inbound marketing efforts.

Simply put a permission pass email – also known as an opt-out email provides an opportunity to send out an email blast to all the contacts on your lists requesting their permission to send them campaign emails in the future. This would essentially help our clients utilize permission pass emails to help turn their contact lists into something which is a solid foundation for inbound lead generation.


Lake B2B growth experts suggested the importance of setting up a permission pass campaign for all the contacts on the clients’ list. This included the additional datasets that were sourced from us. Our growth experts reiterated the importance of permission pass by suggesting to the client that it would enable them to clean up their list a get a snapshot of the contacts they can engage with for future marketing emails.

They educated the client on the importance of Opt-out or Permission pass campaigns by making them understand that most contacts in their list are basically from organic sources. This includes business card exchanges, trade shows, and online directories, or people who have been engaged in sales processes in the past. They enlightened the client that this does not mean that it gives them a free pass to send out marketing information to their inbox.

Our growth experts were able to set up permission pass campaigns and demonstrate to the client how allowing prospects to opt-out of email communications at any point in time allows the client to weed out uninterested and invalid leads. Thereby reducing the Cost Per Lead (CPL) for future campaigns.

They were also able to demonstrate how the client can be seen as to be more ethical and honest in the perspective of their prospects. The client was also given to understand this is something that B2B buyers appreciate and look for in a B2B sales process.

The client was made to understand that there is no specific template for a permission pass email, but the email has to be crisp, concise, and to the point. The client was shown that the permission pass email is just about including a link at the bottom that allows the contact to opt-out of or unsubscribe from future emails.

The client was also educated about the fact that according to CAN-SPAM laws if the contact doesn’t choose to opt-out, it implies that they have opted in for your campaigns and they choose to be a part of your mailing list.


Build a List that is More Actionable and the One that Resulted in 4X ROIs

By setting up and running the permission pass email campaigns, enabled the client to carefully scrutinize the results and clean and filter the lists. This also provided a mechanism for removing those emails that have bounced or that have been marked undeliverable.

This clean-up enabled the client to use the information to segment the list based on the interests of prospects and deliver targeted emails as appropriate. By carefully analyzing and gathering more information about their target audience via permission pass emails – i.e. the industry and the kind of information that will be helpful to their prospects greatly improved campaign deliverability and Click-Through Rates(CTRs) for future campaigns. Essentially this quadrupled the ROIs for the client.

We were thus able to showcase to our clients how permission pass emails are a simple yet effective mechanism to help them clean up their master list. This enabled them to market with apt relevance to the prospective buyers and nurture them effectively through the sales process by mapping customer journeys.

“We are a cutting edge computer software solutions provider and we have deployed umpteen solutions revolving around Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and UX. Though our solutions were out of the box we were unable to penetrate the right markets with our existing email lists. Lake B2B came to our rescue by giving us insights into marketing best practices and the importance of incorporating a permission pass. This helped us garner deep insights about our target campaigns and we were able to reach out to our markets with apt relevance”
– Ash Adams,
Product Head

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