Marketing Outsourcing Helped an Oil and Gas Company Meet their Market Expansion Plan by up to 10 Folds


With its headquarters in Doha, this client is one of Qatar’s leading oil and gas exploration and production enterprises.

Exploration and production of crude oil are the company’s major commercial activities. This Oil and Gas Company currently produces over 22% of Qatar’s domestic crude oil output and is constantly seeking to expand its Middle Eastern market share.

Though this company has huge ambitions they were not able to meet their objectives and expansion plans due to their relatively weak online presence.

Now that we have learned a little about this organization, let’s look deeper into its digital presence in the next section, starting with and understanding the digital trends in the oil and gas industry.


Constantly Evolving Digital Trends of Oil and Gas Sector Companies

As one of the most employing sectors, a substantial number of visitors engage with the oil and gas business via the websites of separate companies or through LinkedIn. Other social media platforms, on the other hand, have seen an increase in participation in recent years.

Some of the digital trends of the top 100 oil and gas companies are showcased in the following points:

  • YouTube is used to promote the company’s CSR initiatives and other developments.
  • Oil and Gas companies around the world utilize Twitter to interact and resolve with current consumers, as well as to address any complaints and provide other relevant and critical company updates.
  • Facebook is utilized to raise brand recognition and establish a company’s online reputation in the community.
  • LinkedIn is employed since it aids in the discovery of talent as well as the development of an employer brand.
  • Instagram is used by a small number of businesses. Pinterest isn’t widely used.

Let’s take a look at this Oil and Gas client’s digital marketing analysis.

Here’s how this company’s internet presence is doing:

  • This business joined Facebook in March 2016 and currently has around 46,000 followers.
  • They had a total of 191, 680 LinkedIn followers.
  • About 19.3K people follow them on Twitter.
  • On YouTube, they have over 2.45K subscribers and just 14 videos have received over 19K views.

In comparison to their competition, these figures are insignificant. They needed to improve their digital and social marketing, or else it was clear that they would struggle to compete on a digital level.

Significance of Digital Presence in the Oil and Gas Sector

Traditional advertising and marketing methods can still be quite efficient in generating interest in a brand, but if the firm does not have a strong online presence, such as on Google, it will be unable to meet this demand.

Nobody makes a phone call right from a television commercial nowadays. Instead of going from the TV to the phone, they go from the TV to the internet and then to the phone.

And if you don’t have a solid web strategy in place, all of your haphazard marketing and advertising will drive business to your competitors, who have a wonderful website, social media presence, and online reputation, as well as a strong digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing is critical in today’s world.

This Oil and Gas customer doesn’t require much brand awareness in Doha because they are quite active in the media due to their social work, care for environmental sustainability and working practices, and their unique approach to the field of work.

However, being found on Google Search and having a well-optimized internet presence that showcases their sector of expertise is equally critical.

Website Overview of this Oil & Gas Enterprise

Without considerable optimized content on an optimized website, a website cannot be found.

The company’s website is well-optimized, and the first impression was pleasant. Their website, according to Google Analytics, is well-optimized and receives a good amount of organic monthly traffic.

However, instead of thinking of its website as a static website, they needed to start thinking of it as a marketing platform, which required them to continue updating it with relevant context relevant content.

How this company was doing on Google Search and Social media

As an oil and gas exploration company, they must be able to optimize their website for Google searches.

To learn more about Oil and Gas firms in the Middle East and Gulf, people commonly Google “oil company in the Middle East”, “gas company in Qatar”, and other relevant terms.

In this situation, their website should have ranked #1 for all keywords linked to oil and gas firms, giving them a significant advantage over their competitors – but that was not the case with this client.

Social Media Strategy of this Oil and Gas Major

A large number of users are active on Facebook and other major social media platforms. These websites serve as information centers for new areas, products, and services.

Furthermore, having an active social media presence makes your company appear more trustworthy and gives customers the social proof they need to make a purchase choice.

This oil and gas firm has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube, but they also needed a social media marketing strategy.

They had a good number of Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook followers that were interested in their content

However, they must work on Youtube because their postings and video engagement can produce enough cash to cover their advertising costs. The corporation has also overlooked Instagram, even though in this day and age, the public spends a significant amount of time on both Instagram and Youtube.

To keep their clients informed and involved, this company needed to create proper episodes of their ongoing social projects and other CSR efforts and share them on social media.

What Happened Next?

Lake B2B quickly performed a SWOT Analysis for the client.

The strengths included that the client had Strong CSR activities in place also with a strong presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The weakness of the client included low engagement on YouTube and Instagram and this required a devoted group of marketing expertise. Also, they were hinged upon the same marketing strategy for all the social media platforms.

Their opportunity includes the client’s enormous potential on Instagram and YouTube. This included additional revenue generation by using YouTube as a channel.

The requirement to keep an eye on online media procedures with legal material was part of the threat perception.

Any misinterpretation or manipulation of facts posed a significant risk of hurting the brand’s reputation.

This was exacerbated by the risks associated with the official web site’s security and data leak.


Lake B2B Recommended Digital Marketing Strategy to overhaul the client’s engagement on digital platforms and plug the marketing gaps by outsourcing the workloads to us.

This initiative included:

  • Working on weakness identified as part of the SWOT analysis
  • Using proper keywords to increase site visibility on Google Search and improve the overall ranking of the client’s web pages.
  •  Resolving customer issues by addressing pain spots in the customer journey and doing a root cause analysis of clients complaints.
  •  Content creation strategy, marketing strategy, and traffic generation strategy
  • Using a content-rich, digitally upgraded website to house job postings, tenders, and information about company projects and other key events.

Partnering with Lake B2B the client was able to execute the enlisted strategies to increase their pool of leads both qualitatively and quantitatively.


As a result of our efforts, this company emerged as one of the leading and fastest-growing companies in this sector. Through a combination of strategic acquisitions and organic growth, it has established itself very well.

Through our efforts were able to improve their digital presence 10X, Our marketing analysis and support made this brand effective on all business fronts. They were able to devise a strong marketing plan to seize enough available potential on various social media platforms and also generate a name and trust among the general public.

Results of Website Optimization
Our data experts optimized their website by introducing the best of the breed SEO tactics and content that addressed the problem statement of their clients for their pages to rank on top in the search results.

In tandem, we introduced various social media campaigns, and it was a hit because it created a very big pool of reach and leads. This was again bolstered with different types of campaigns for brand awareness and engagement.

Results of Driving Social Engagement
With catchy hashtags the brand found good traction when they promoted their services on Twitter and Facebook and eventually on other platforms.

Through these campaign series, they were able to showcase their operations, workplace happenings, and locations along with their achievements which attracted a lot of views and audiences.

Their campaings drew a lot of attention on social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn, and it also educated people about the organization.

Results of CSR Activity Campaigns
This Oil and Gas Company was able to promote its CSR activities across the Middle East, in that manner, it was significant for the organization to communicate its above said CSR activities to the audience.

They were able to use graphics to display their objectives across social media platforms, which helped them gain attention on several platforms. As a result, dedicated visual campaigns on CSR were launched to highlight the organization’s actions and missions across networks.

This Oil and Gas client’s strong suit is CSR, as it focuses heavily on empowering people’s lives and promoting general welfare each year. Partnering with Lake B2B allowed them to keep releasing advertisements centered on their CSR efforts.

In addition, their social media strategy was able to reach 60,000 people on Facebook and Twitter in just 45 days.

This client was able to engage with a large number of reach across all platforms as a result of these efforts, and the audience was also interested in their material. Across all social media platforms, these campaigns were able to reach over 4,00,000 people.

The customer was also able to raise awareness about their other ongoing and upcoming projects as a result of these initiatives.

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