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The key targets were top-level decision-makers, such as head of marketing, C-level executives, V-level executives, managers, and board members of large-size US corporations belonging to the apparel & fashion, consumer goods, consumer service, or retail industries.

Moreover, the target audience specifically included those companies in need of brand management to expand their outreach and awareness across various platforms, devices, and screens.

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Digital Marketing DirectorSenior Product Marketing Manager
Global Product Marketing ManagerDigital Marketing Executive
Board MemberJoint Chief Executive Officer
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Senior Vice President MarketingData Science Specialist
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Head Of DigitalData Science Vice President
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Director Of Marketing And Product ManagementData Analyst
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Digital StrategistDirector Of Marketing And Product Development
Chief Executive OfficerHead Of Product Marketing


Headquartered in New York, USA, the client is a marketing and advertising firm specializing in marketing consulting for brands and agencies. They primarily cater to B2C clients, including the apparel and fashion industry, consumer goods industry, and retail industry. Most of these accounts rely on the client to take care of their digital advertising collaterals and simplify cross-device identification.


Being a marketing agency, the client was well-versed in all the new-age marketing tactics. At the time, they were looking to launch bespoke multi-channel marketing campaigns to their target audience to promote unique marketing services, including their:

  • Cross-Screen Advertising Solutions
  • Cross-Device Retargeting Services
  • Cross-Device Identity Solutions
  • Personalized Marketing Services

However, to realize their omnichannel marketing vision, the client’s sales and marketing unit needed niche and in-depth customer data to target their desired prospects. Apart from depth, the data must also target the right people. For instance, targetting a low-level employee won’t do you any good since they don’t have enough clearance to make any purchase decisions. Fortunately, the client had a ton of decision-maker data to make their campaigns work.

Even though the client had cultivated an insightful in-house database, they forgot to factor in one critical parameter: the age of the dataset. A customer database is the most valuable asset a business can possess. However, customer lists and databases have a short shelf-life. In fact, 30% of sales and marketing databases become obsolete within 12 months, losing their accuracy and relevancy. Unfortunately, the client wasn’t wary of this.

In the client’s case, the database hadn’t been refurbished for a couple of years. As a result, most of the time, a decision-maker that the client happened to target had already moved from their mentioned job role. The target had either transitioned to a new role in the same organization or changed bases completely. Due to this, many emails were sent out to inactive email addresses, and consequently, marked as spam. The client’s primary email address got too close to blocklisting, which would have been devastating to their marketing efforts.

The same story goes for other channels. The calls per results for their telemarketing campaigns were down, and so were the social media marketing metrics, such as average engagement and amplification rates. Email marketing had the worst of them all, with open rates down to 15% and spam complaints up by 40%.

Thus, even with years of experience in the marketing domain, the client only could acquire a paltry sum of leads to show in their quarterly results, which didn’t make up for the wasted resources and time. Luckily, the client had recognized the problem and decided to revamp their customer database.

What Happened Next?

To ease their marketing woes, the client opted for a pre-packaged customer database from a local data provider for each industry there were targeting. However, the ready-made databases proved to be more of a bane rather than a boom.

Though the list featured quantity, it fell short on quality. Most of the leads in the database belonged to overseas companies, which didn’t fall under the client’s umbrella. Moreover, the list didn’t align with the size, titles, and type of company the client was looking to target. All in all, it was another waste of resources. Finally, the client decided to go for Lake B2B’s customized services.


Upon analyzing the client’s marketing efforts, Lake B2B’s team of experts reached the consensus that the client needed an entirely new, customized dataset with verified and up-to-date decision-maker contact and email data.

Our experts quickly pressed into service. After thorough market analysis, data collection, data wrangling, and segmentation, a customer dataset was finally ready, catering to the client’s top and bottom lines. In total, Lake B2B provided 19,492 counts of relevant contact data on key industry players across the US, having more than 1000 employees.

The client was able to garner insights from the in-depth customer dataset in no time. Given the variety of contact data fields, the dataset offered the client many new avenues for multi-channel marketing. Lake B2B’s data experts also ensured that all the data was 100% accurate and up-to-date. As a result, the threat of spam traps and blocklisting took a back seat.

Additionally, Lake B2B’s specialists ran the data through an 8-step human and AI verification, matching the information with the master dataset so that client doesn’t have to deal with wrongful targeting and inactive phone numbers. All the information within this data repository had a 100% fill rate, ensuring optimal accuracy when delivering campaigns.

Plus, given the growing need for compliance and data regulation, all the delivered data was doubly authenticated and compiled from trusted sources, in line with the CANSPAM and GDPR.

Ultimately, Lake B2B’s premium solutions allowed the client to effortlessly target key decision-makers from their target industries, promote their services, offer personalized promotions and freemiums, and bring them down the sales funnel towards imminent conversion.


Lake B2B’s comprehensively collated customer database empowered the client to extract more insights into their target audience. Moreover, the new and relevant data enabled them to boost their number across various marketing metrics.

With emails reaching the right inboxes, social engagement on the rise, product demonstrations lined up, sales cycles were shorter, conversions were quick, and ROIs were bumped up by 60%.

“When it came to product innovation, we left no stone unturned. However, getting the word out proved to be more challenging than we initially thought. Fortunately, LakeB2B’s bespoke customer database came in to save the day. Within three months, most of our social media, telemarketing, and email marketing metrics were at an all-time high, and our sales pipelines were bursting with leads.

Lake B2B’s commitment towards perfection makes them an easy recommendation for anyone looking to up their marketing game.”

– VP Marketing

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