Lake B2B’s Vetted and Verified Customer Records Unlocked Amplified Email Deliverability Rates for a Leading Education & Pedagogy Automation Firm


Our client is a market leader in offering software solutions for staff management, digital transformation of educational institutions, and seamless pedagogical operations for coaching institutions around the world. It allows teachers, professors, and administrators to concentrate more on the students’ proper teaching and learning processes. With offices in Austin, Madison, Raleigh, and Sydney, the company serves the global teaching community, assisting them in creating more seamless learning environments, preparing better and more accurate payrolls, and establishing unrestricted teaching modules to impart instruction. Most notably, it aids educational institutions from a variety of enterprises in streamlining their administrative staff by maximizing their teaching requirements. As a result, the client receives a 8X boost in annual returns and is currently expected to expand at a compounded annual growth rate of 23 percent year over year.


Maintaining high email deliverability rates for profitable campaigns and successfully reaching target accounts.

Even though the client had a strong position as a top-tier solutions provider, the client had a constant hindrance to high sales as a result of low email engagement. The company had a variety of products to offer – from payroll integrations and staff operations optimizations to task managements and account management – but selling them in the first place required reaching the right eyeballs. Their services/products could never leave the shelves without sufficient brand awareness, and their low email engagement proved the notion right.

“Email engagement metrics showed that less than half of their daily emails sent reached the targeted inboxes,” – the companies’ sales department added. Existing customers were unsubscribing from their newsletters, and many of them bounced back.

Our data experts found a poorly maintained crm as well as the absence of key customer records after analysis. The client’s campaigning foundation was inaccurate as a result of these. They required a clear picture of the education sector and its allied segments before deploying campaigns. Additionally, they required accurate customer information to understand which school administrators, board of directors, and decision-making professionals were actively searching for the client’s products, such as: –

  • Mobile application for learning management
  • Scheduling software
  • Remote teaching solutions
  • Auto scheduling
  • Attendance and accountability optimization
  • Payroll integration
  • Account management solutions
  • Time tracking software
  • Leave management solutions
  • Fair workweek compliance service
  • Shift swapping programs

The client could understand their total addressable market by evaluating and segmenting customers based on their needs and pedagogy requirements. This would also assist the sales and marketing unit in focusing on lucrative markets and concentrating on converting the hottest leads within them.

Additionally, instead of a homegrown repository with a one-size-fits-all undertone, they required a versatile database. The client needed to consider various teaching staff solution needs and use that data to engage them immediately because they catered to multiple audience groups.

What Happened Next?

The customer is required to fix the leaks as soon as possible. As a result, Philip, their Key Accounts Manager, sought out a local data provider and invested a significant sum in their services, expecting to improve the email engagement situation.

That, on the other hand, was not the case. Despite its size, the provider’s email database largely contained obsolete email addresses and missing contact information of Educational Institutions and Pedagogical Staff. As a result, the client’s CRM was now clogged with a plethora of data that lacked the power to reach out to reputable and prospective inboxes. This database, rather than alleviating the situation, made it worse by raising hard bounce rates. The investment just resulted in the sales team being ambushed by erroneous insights and a low-quality mailing list with no lead-generation capability.


While looking for a better data supplier, Jeffery, the R&D head for their sales team, came upon LakeB2B’s website. She contacted us after reading our client success stories and specialist services. Here’s what we did to help the customer immediately improve their campaigning pace: –

Customer records that are comprehensive and tailored for quick lead generation and campaign results

Our data professionals listened to the client’s needs and knew exactly what they needed: detailed customer records to assess the company’s TAM, the best customer categories, and campaign ideas.

As a result, our team delivered 17,408 distinct records that were effectively split within the client’s required teaching fraternity categories. All of these revelations were dispersed throughout the following titles: –

  • School administrations
  • Staff Managers
  • Board of Directors
  • Academic Advisor.
  • Academic Support Coordinator.
  • Administrator.
  • Admissions Assistant.
  • Admissions Representative.
  • Adjunct Professor.
  • Adviser.
  • After-School Program Aide.
  • School Principals
  • Higher secondary schools Teachers
  • Private and public schools Teachers
  • Affiliates
  • Test prep centers Staff
  • Coaching institute Lecturers

Education Sector leads with 110+ data fields, meticulously managed and well-maintained. Among them were: –

  • Employee size between 10-250
  • SIC codes
  • Direct mailing addresses
  • Revenue size
  • NAICS codes
  • Social profile
  • LinkedIn profile
  • ZIP codes
  • FAX number
  • Business website

With this information, the sales team was able to figure out which decision-makers were investing in Education Automation Software, Ed Tech Platforms, Shift staff management solutions, and other areas that would speed up digital transformation of educational institutions. Once identified, our findings aided the client’s marketing team in developing targeted communications based on the purchase intent and personas of each pedagogical staff member. The client was able to meet their goals sooner, better, and with a shorter sales cycle as a result of their efforts.

Finally, our data enrichment techniques ensured that every campaign had an up-to-date CRM with new educational staff data and appropriate insights. We also helped the business convert interested leads quickly by facilitating lead nurturing journeys through weekly drip email campaigns. The organization was free to utilize and optimize its CRM as many times as they wanted because our database provided unrestricted access and usage. What happened after that? Increasing campaign returns while reducing educational staff acquisition costs.


The customer saw a 125 percent increase in new pedagogical staff acquisitions after two months of using LakeB2B’s human-powered email data. This resulted in a 4.5X increase in monthly returns on the company’s marketing spending.

The sales staff was also able to uncover additional audience groups with similar buy intent thanks to the comprehensive target records. They used our data to run follow-up and invitation email campaigns, which resulted in a 200 percent increase in engagement.

When the customer used Lake B2B’s services, they rapidly discovered what they were missing: top-tier educational decision-makers. The updated database and records helped them in a variety of ways, including precise educational staff targeting, bi-weekly drip programs, successful follow-up efforts, and comparable audience identification and email content production.

The client may now promote various products to their best-suited customers, as well as send out precise emails that never fail to reach their intended inboxes.

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