How Lake B2B’s Premium Data Enrichment Services Boosted a Prominent Financial IT Solutions Enterprise’s Engagement-to-Conversion Ratio by Approximately 500%

Client Introduction & Challenge:

Increasing email deliverability rates and maintaining an updated CRM appeared to be the client’s primary obstacles.

The client is a prominent financial software provider specializing in pre-integrated solutions catering to customers from retail banking, lending, treasury, transaction banking, and treasury markets. The company’s sales and marketing team targeted C-level executives and other high-tier decision-makers from finance organizations in APAC and European countries. Their primary aim was to engage these audiences actively seeking innovative solutions to develop new experiences for multiple purposes, like bill payments, digital banking, loan facilities, seamless cash management, etc.

The client’s ongoing email campaigns barely brought in any profits, mainly due to their underperforming CRM. It was filled to the brim with incorrect and incomplete customer records, resulting in misdirected campaigns that simultaneously missed the most promising leads due to faltering email deliverability rates. Moreover, the client also struggled to update the information categories (customer persona, primary/secondary job function, solution interest, LinkedIn URL, etc.). This was detrimental to the overall customer acquisition rate and led to the failure to retain quality leads within the sales funnel.

The consistently unsuccessful campaigns also prevented the client from running follow-up campaigns, booking product demo appointments with clients, and showcasing the full range of their products to targeted prospects. The company needed a quick solution that would provide uncompromised performance to not just patch up the leaks but increase the brand’s visibility tenfold. And they knew just who to reach out to Lake B2B. We brought in our best-of-breed data solutions, along with expert data enrichment services and a lead-gen outsourcing unit to turn things around for the better.

Find out how our customer data experts can go add more custom data fields and insights on your target audience.

Holistic Target Records Sought by the Client

The client wanted to engage with financial prospects belonging to the following titles: –

C-level executives (COO/CIO/CEO etc.)Division Head (IT Director/CEO Wholesale etc.)
IT SupportIT Lead
Training ContactAssociate
Head of Business LineManager (who influences purchases/decisions)

Summary of Precise Records Provided by Lake B2B

Our data experts helped revitalize the client’s CRM by treating it with our top-of-the-line CRM data enrichment procedures. These added multiple information categories such as customer status, job title, phone number, primary/secondary job function, solution interest, persona, contact level, etc.

What’s more, this also helped the sales and marketing unit get a clearer picture of each target than before. Hence, they could filter out the best prospects based on their purchase intent, the type of solutions they were seeking, and who their end-users were within the financial sector.

Furthermore, our data appending solutions further optimized the CRM with updated, relevant, and current insights for each lead. Plus, our social media appending services also added new and up-to-date LinkedIn IDs of the desired prospects, allowing the client to deploy result-driven LinkedIn campaigns consistently.

With wrong email addresses replaced with correct ones, the sales team could connect with HQLs at the right time, using the CRM to its full potential and obtaining skyrocketed returns.

Lake B2B’s Solutions to Boost Email Deliverability, Engagement, and Campaign Returns by Engaging Finance Customers

We helped the client overcome its key marketing challenges through A1 data solutions. Our appending and enrichment procedures breathed new life into their CRM, allowing it to discover, engage, and convert the top-most leads blazing-fast. Here’s how we facilitated a 500% surge in the company’s engagement-to-conversion ratio: –

  • In-depth data fields: Missing information categories were primarily why the client couldn’t fulfill its sales targets, as it couldn’t reach customers in the first place. We solved this problem with accurate data fields that were key to unlocking quality email engagement.For starters, our data experts procured and produced data on primary job functions like CEO, CFO, COO, Chief Investment Officer, Head of Marketing, Head of Innovation, Head of Treasury, Trading Manager, Head of Desk, Sales Manager, etc. As per the client’s requests, these were segmented across 4 main categories – C-level, Digital Channels, Risk, Commercial Lending, Retail Banking, and Capital Markets.These records not only replaced incorrect and decayed information with new ones, but also gave the sales team more insights on the target audience’s current finance industry decision-making, job role, previous IT products purchases, digital marketing spends on transformation and software, and IT budgets.
  • Precise data for smart marketing decisions: Our in-depth data further helped the client assess which of their target accounts were making hefty investments in developing modern experiences for their customers and the category of users they were looking to lock in. Given the client’s aim of providing varied software solutions, they were able to use this data and segment the financial industry’s decision-maker audience, crafting hyper-personalized emails to target each category successfully.

  • Outsourced lead-gen: Moreover, the client got a significant weight off their shoulders of harboring accurate data for generating leads by outsourcing it to our Growth Marketing unit. We deployed our offsite team to completely take over the lead-gen process, acting remotely as the sales and marketing team’s extension. This unit was at a complete beck-and-call service for the client, with controlled staffing to cater to their every requirement.Now that the Growth Marketing unit focused on discovering new contacts and correcting existing customer data anomalies, the client’s sales and marketing team could instead channel their resources towards the brand’s product offerings and IT product USPs. Meanwhile, our team conducted their marketing campaigns and using our expertise in developing and running email nurture journeys for each prospect segment, the offsite team boosted the company’s engagement-to-conversion ratio massively.The client also opted to outsource the complete pre-sales and follow-up cycles to engage interested leads and set up appointments to demonstrate the solutions they were interested in. This seamless process also helped reduce customer acquisition costs as every keen customer journey quickly through the sales funnel to onboard.
  • Improved metrics: Lake B2B provided input records, email addresses, appended email IDs, and phone numbers, all of which improved the numbers for the sales and marketing unit. Apart from follow-up emails, the company sent out multiple customer outreach messages to fulfill the current needs of the finance sector decision-makers, thus boosting the monthly sales by 45%.Along with increasing email CTRs, CTOs, and inbox visibility, our top-notch insights also facilitated better customer retention. They helped to create a larger and more loyal consumer base than what the client had before. Our outsourcing team allowed the company to refine its current products and maintain this brand loyalty amongst both old and new customers.What’s more, the accurate email data also provided proactive customer service, which in turn, decreased alternative channel costs which the client employed previously.

Ultimately, Lake B2B’s outsourcing solution, with data appending and enrichment, helped the client forge a new brand image which screamed success. The numbers proved the same, and our periodically maintained insights meant the company’s CRM would continue to discover new customer segments and engage them when necessary.

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