How Lake B2B Helped a Healthcare Wellness Product Brand Ramp Up Websites Visits by 400%

500% Increase In New Customer Acquisitions

25X Increase in Revelant HR Title Engagements

Registrations From LinkedIn Campaigns Increased by 700%

Industry :Healthcare Wellness, Nutrition and Tourism
Location :USA

Logging 45% More Conversions Through Corporate Brand Partnerships & Association.

Audience Targeting Criteria & Client Aspiration

The client wanted to target Talent Sourcing decision makers to upsell an irressistable combination of Helathcare Wellness Gift Vouchers, Hampers and Travel Discounts for Employ Groups through corporate Tie-Ups.

Know the Key Targets

Since all organizations require a talented workforce, the client targeted US enterprises across all industry verticals. Organizations usually have a separate recruitment and talent acquisition department that identifies and acquires new workers. This rank usually includes HR professionals, chief talent officers, campus recruitment managers, etc.

Plan of Action

The Lake B2B Campaign Team provided counts of contact information across 50,000 companies. The primary target geography is the USA. Contact information of recruitment and talent acquisition professionals along with training managers and HR department heads and CEOs was also used for email targeting, collecting more first-party data using SEO-Optimized Organic Search and Webinar Registration Promotions through Emails with Tele-Calling Follow-ups.

Targeting Accounts and Titles Used for Email Marketing Campaigns

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition ProfessionalsHuman Resource Executives
Chief Talent OfficerCampus Recruitment Managers
HR Department HeadsHR Engagement
Administration and FinancePurchase & Vendor Empanelment
HR Employee Benefits ManagementHR Alliances & Brand Partnerships

The Challenge


Solution Offered By Lake B2B: Creating an Ecommerce Like Experience and Sales Funnel to Get the Best Prospects Sign-Ups


Analytics is for Analysts, Business Leaders Need to Focus on Value to Customers

With email nurture campaigns and LinkedIn advertisements, LinkedIn InMail follow-ups clubbed together with the website visitor tracking, the client got an additional Email Lead-Generatin-as-a-service as an add-on solution to run nurture email campaigns.

What these additional capabilities meant for the client:

The client could now focus more on designing offers and spend zero time on marketing analytics, Ad set-up or email marketing campaigns set-up.The client was made to realise that the target market also has HR influencers and other sphers of audience interests that they could tap into.

Client Becomes a Campaign Creator for HR Stakeholder Partners

Innovative campaign ideas for the client were presented and taken to the market with Lake B2B’s Lead-Generation-as-a-Service.

Client was now able to tell HR stakeholders about an alliance or partnership possibility to run a –

  • “Refer an employee and win a free benefits.” Campaign.
  • “Participate in a Quiz about the Organization.” Campaign
  • “Caption the Picture Contest and win A FREE Vacartion.” Campaign.

Running LinkedIn Advertisements, Retargeting and Lookalike Audience Targeting

  • LinkedIn Display Ads targeting HR professionals
  • LinkedIn Sponsored InMails promoting employee benefits
  • LinkedIn Search Text Ads leading to Campaign Page Lead Capture.

From a single campaign that was spread over a month/2 months prior to the holiday season in 2018

  • Generated 50,000 impressions in one week alone and repeted the consistency in the coming weeks.
  • Generated 5000 engagements with a year long follow-up campaign aligned with LinkedIn form fills.
  • Generated 20% Grwoth in webinar driven walk-through of PPTs and solution benefit for employees.


our experts ran the client’s home-cultivated database against Lake B2B’s master database, finding numerous matches, and updating all the key fields. Apart from updating the database, the repository was flooded with over 125,000 new contacts, spread across approximately companies belonging to diverse industry verticals. Since their target audience was companies based in the USA, our experts ensured the database had high-quality leads from across the country.

With this easy data integration, the client’s marketing team could now run personalized email campaigns to tackle new and repeat customers. The marketing team could now show something new to repeat customers, keeping the marketing momentum going. Lake B2B’s onsite retargeting capability enabled the client to target repeat visitors with new offers and promotions based on their previous interactions on the site.

Plus, with the client’s CRM now filled with sales-ready, quality leads – segmented across multiple fields – their marketing team is now getting trained in creating email drip campaigns based on the lead’s decision-making influence and job profile.

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