How Lake B2B Drove Up 500% More Sign-Ups with Quality Customer Data and Multi-Channel Marketing for a a USA Based Wellness Product Brand


The client wanted to target professionals working in the field of alternative medicine, including –

NutritionistsFood Service Professionals
DieticiansNutrition Professionals


A dietician is someone who, being a board-certified health and wellness expert, provides evidence-based medical nutrition therapy along with nutritional counseling to their clients with answers tailored to the individual’s unique requirements.

A nutritionist, though often used interchangeably, is someone who may possess a broad range of credentials as well as training experience in food and nutrition. These professionals, besides covering the services of the dietician, may also provide nutrition therapy for serious illnesses such as eating disorders, cancer, etc.

The US alone is home to 32,364 registered dieticians and nutritionists.


The client is a leading US-based health and wellness product company that specializes in offering its clients in the healthcare industry with high-quality healthcare products. The client company’s portfolio majorly comprises high-quality products that help reduce the risk of heart disease.


The client company’s sales and marketing teams wanted to target nutritionists and other professionals practicing in the alternative field of medicine to upsell their range of exciting healthcare vouchers, travel discounts for employee groups, as well as hampers. To advertise their products and services before relevant target groups, the client mainly focused on email marketing.

Since the client’s main marketing fuel was hyper-personalized emails, they needed an equally robust and responsive contact database or email list of their most relevant target audience. However, the internally collated database did not drive the expected outcomes. The open rates were low, indicating that email subject lines were inefficient. The email CTORs were below average and this was because the content was irrelevant to the targeted lead. Naturally, ROIs began to plummet.

While the client was abiding by the basic rules of email engagement, offering social proof, presenting useful and valuable information, and restraining from being overtly promotional, the three most common email engagement metrics – open rates, click rates, and conversion rates were far from satisfactory.

That is when the client company’s CMO connected with the data experts of LakeB2B. Upon careful analysis, the three main challenges that were found are –

  • Lack of quality data and integration
  • Increasing email engagement rates and customer acquisitions
  • Improving email personalization and brand awareness

Once the challenges were identified, Lake B2B’s data experts began working on overcoming them.


The very first concern that was tackled was that of lack of a quality contact database. Lake B2B’s data experts collated a fresh client database that was 100% accurate, free from all errors, and relevant for the client. While collating the database, the problem of audience segmentation was also considered. The client had not been leveraging ABM to its full potential and as a result, losing out on ROIs significantly.

The lists were segmented based on –

  • The practice specialty of the professional
  • Their certification and license

The data on these physicians was gathered from 100% genuine and legal sources such as healthcare journals, medical directories, conferences, and seminars. Using the freshly collated database, the client was able to connect with –

  • Nutritionists
  • Dieticians
  • Nutritional Medicine Physicians
  • Nutrition Specialists
  • Management Dieticians
  • Clinical Dieticians
  • Nutritional Product Decision-Makers
  • Nutritionist Therapeutics
  • Community Dieticians
  • Nutrition Educators
  • Nutrition Consultants
  • Sports Nutritionists

As many as 110 core data fields were covered, in which the client had a holistic view of their leads. These included –

Email AddressDirect Calling Number
Job TitleHospital Affiliation (if Any)
Social IDAnd more

Over 160,000 target contacts were included in the client’s marketing list.

Also, since the client website was previously not mobile-optimized, Lake B2B’s data experts also suggested implementing a responsive design that automatically adapts emails to various screen sizes for mobile users.


Based on the contact database, pilot programs were deployed. On the basis of the data so provided, the client was able to hyper-personalize their emails by speaking directly to leads based on their characteristics, preferences, and online behavior. This maximized the effectiveness of the existing transactional triggered messages.

The email marketing campaign metrics now improved significantly. Some of the observed results were as follows –

  • 9% Average Click-Through Rates
  • 35% of Email-Driven Revenue Generated
  • 81% Share of Voice as Compared to Direct Competitor
  • 26% Average Open Rates
  • Triggered Email Campaigns Generated 25% of Email-Driven Revenue
  • 15% Increase in Lifecycle Program Audience

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