From Cold Leads to Hot Prospects: How LakeB2B Fueled Sales Growth for a Mid-Sized Metal Manufacturer

Andrew’s Perspective:

While purchasing contact lists can be a quick fix,” Andrew admitted, “I value organic lead generation that fosters fresh, relevant connections. However, time constraints demanded a solution that could deliver results quickly.

The LakeB2B Approach: Understanding Andrew’s focus on both immediate needs and long-term growth, LakeB2B implemented a two-part strategy:

Immediate Lead Access: We delivered a targeted contact list containing verified purchasing managers and decision-makers within the fabricated metal product industry, aligned with Andrew’s specific requirements. This provided immediate access to a pool of qualified leads.

Building a Lead Generation Engine: We also built a sustainable lead pipeline through a multi-faceted content marketing strategy:

Industry-Specific Blog: Informative blog posts tackling challenges and solutions relevant to the fabricated metal product industry attracted high-intent readers seeking valuable insights.

Targeted Landing Pages: Dedicated landing pages captured contact information from interested readers in exchange for downloadable content or industry reports.

Email Marketing Automation: Targeted email campaigns nurtured leads, keeping Andrew’s company top-of-mind for potential projects.


This combined approach proved highly effective:

Increased Sales Calls: The acquired contact list provided immediate access to qualified leads, leading to a significant rise in sales calls scheduled within the first month.

Organic Lead Flow: The content marketing strategy started generating organic leads, laying the groundwork for a sustainable long-term pipeline.

Looking Ahead: 

Andrew is now equipped with a powerful combination of immediate lead access and a long-term lead generation engine. This ensures his company can connect with the right people at the right time, fostering stronger relationships and driving continued business growth.

Client Feedback:

“LakeB2B’s approach was exactly what we needed,” said a spokesperson for the company. “The immediate access to qualified leads helped us jumpstart our sales efforts, while the content marketing strategy is laying the groundwork for long-term success. We’re confident this will allow us to reach new customers and continue to grow our business.” – Andrew

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