From Casual Clicks to Competitive Spirit: Building an Esports Community for a Mobile Game Developer

Proposed Solution: LakeB2B partnered with the developer to create a comprehensive Esports community building campaign focused on fostering player interest through email and social media channels. This campaign leveraged the following key aspects:

Identifying Competitive Potential: LakeB2B collaborated with the developer to analyze the game’s mechanics and features. This involved pinpointing aspects that could translate well into competitive play, such as specific game modes, character builds, and strategic elements

Building Anticipation via Email: Targeted email campaigns were implemented to reach existing players. These emails highlighted the game’s competitive potential, showcasing strategic depth through gameplay tips and developer insights. Exclusive access to developer Q&A sessions or early access to new competitive features could also be offered to incentivize engagement.

Social Media Buzz and Influencer Outreach: A vibrant social media presence was established to generate excitement. Compelling content showcasing the game’s strategic depth and Esports potential was produced. This included high-quality video guides, tutorials, and competitive gameplay streams. Additionally, collaborations with established Esports players and streamers were fostered to promote the competitive scene and reach a wider audience within the gaming community.

Community Building and Engagement: Dedicated social media channels and forums were created to foster discussion and build a community around the game’s competitive scene. Moderators actively engaged with players, addressing questions, and fostering a sense of belonging.


The data-driven Esports community building campaign by LakeB2B yielded significant results for the client

Growth of Competitive Player Base: The campaign successfully attracted a significant number of new players interested in the game’s competitive aspect. Active participation in ranked modes increased by 25% indicating a thriving competitive scene.

Emergence of an Esports Community: A dedicated Esports community emerged, fueled by the active social media channels and forums. This community fostered discussion strategies, shared content, and celebrated competitive achievements.

Enhanced Brand Perception: The game’s reputation shifted from a casual experience to one offering a deeper strategic layer and a potential path to Esports glory. This positive brand association attracted a new wave of players interested in the competitive aspect.

Client Testimonial: 

“We’re thrilled with how LakeB2B helped us ignite a competitive spirit within out player base. Seeing the growth in ranked mode participation and the formation of a dedicated Esports community around our game has been fantastic. Its clear that highlighting the game’s strategic depth and partnering with the right influencers really resonated with players. This campaign has opened exciting new possibilities for our game within the mobile Esports scene, and we’re excite to see where it takes us next!”

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