Finding the Right Audience: How LakeB2B Aided a Public Relations Firm


Understanding the firm’s specific requirements, LakeB2B offered a targeted solution:

  • Precise Clinician Data: We provided a curated data set of approximately 5,729 clinicians across the U.S. who diagnose PTSD. This ensured the firm reached the most relevant audience segment for their project.
  • Campaign Insights: Beyond just data provision, LakeB2B leveraged its experience to offer strategic guidance. We recommended an email campaign as a potentially effective method to reach this specific audience for surveys or data collection activities.


While specific details about the outcome of the project or campaign are unavailable, a representative from the firm expressed satisfaction with LakeB2B’s services:

  • Positive Experience: The representative highlighted a smooth and efficient experience with the data acquisition process and the overall workflow.
  • Valuable Research Tool: The representative recognized the potential of LakeB2B’s services as a valuable tool for researchers and data collection activities, particularly for surveys targeting mental health professionals.

Client Testimonial:

“My experience was incredibly positive. I was very impressed with the process and the workflow, and your service would be very valuable as a tool for researchers, contract research organizations and any clinical trial work where surveys were a valuable tool in a mix of data collection activities.” – Thomas

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