Expanding Reach in APAC: A Case Study in Targeted B2B Data Solutions

The LakeB2B Solution:

Recognizing the unique needs of the information services company, LakeB2B, a trusted provider of B2B marketing data solutions, opted for a strategic partnership rather than a one-time data sale. This approach offered the client:

Targeted Data Sets: LakeB2B didn’t provide a single generic list. Instead, they offered access to a variety of targeted B2B data solutions encompassing multiple industries and segments within the APAC region. This allowed the client to tailor their outreach efforts to specific audience segments with the greatest potential to benefit from their services.

Flexibility and Scalability: The multi-dataset approach provided the flexibility to adjust data selection based on evolving market conditions and campaign goals. The client could also scale their outreach efforts as needed to reach a wider audience within the APAC region.

Cost-Effectiveness: By leveraging targeted data sets, the client minimized wasted outreach efforts on irrelevant leads. This focused approach allowed them to concentrate resources on high-quality prospects, maximizing campaign return on investment (ROI).

Measurable Results:

The long-term partnership with LakeB2B empowered the information services company to achieve significant results:

Increased Qualified Leads: By targeting relevant industries and company sizes, the client significantly boosted the number of qualified leads generated through their marketing campaigns. They connected with companies with a demonstrably higher need for their information services.

Improved Conversion Rates: The targeted B2B data provided valuable customer insights into specific needs and challenges. This allowed the information services company to tailor their messaging and offerings, leading to a noticeable improvement in conversion rates.

Expanded Market Reach: The multi-dataset approach facilitated market expansion within the APAC region. The client was able to connect with potential customers in diverse industries and segments across Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

Client Testimonial:

A spokesperson for the information services company expressed their satisfaction with the long-term partnership: “LakeB2B is our trusted partner across various services. Their targeted B2B data solutions have been instrumental in helping us reach new customers and expand our market share within the APAC region.”

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