Expanding Physician Networks: A Case Study in Targeted Data Solutions


Understanding the client’s specific needs, LakeB2B provided a comprehensive data solution:

  • Targeted Data Acquisition: We delivered a verified and permission passed dataset of 150,000 US physicians across various specialties. This ensured the client could reach a wider audience of relevant healthcare professionals for their online community.
  • Data Enrichment: Leveraging the National Provider Identifier (NPI) system, we enriched the client’s existing database with high-quality contacts focused on specific specialties:
    • Alternative Medicine
    • Nutrition & Dietology
    • Speech-Language and Hearing Services
  • Compliance Expertise: LakeB2B ensured all provided data adhered to relevant market regulations. This protected the client’s compliance and fostered trust with healthcare professionals within the platform.
  • Targeted Audience Refinement: As per the client’s request, we excluded Rehabilitative and Restorative Service Providers from the enriched data set, allowing for a more targeted physician network.


The client’s testimonial highlights the value of LakeB2B’s services:

  • High-Quality Data: The testimonial emphasizes the quality of the data provided, ensuring verified, permission passed, and compliant physician contacts for their online community.
  • Responsive Account Management: The client acknowledges the exceptional service provided by their dedicated LakeB2B account manager, highlighting their responsiveness and commitment to exceeding expectations.
  • Cost-Effective Targeting: The client appreciates LakeB2B’s ability to deliver to the right audience in a cost-efficient manner, maximizing the impact of their outreach efforts.

Client Testimonial:

“LakeB2B is a highly reliable data company. Their HCP database is of high quality, meaning that their leads are verified, opted in, and compliant with each market’s regulations. Moreover, our account manager is extremely quick, which is fundamental to our business, and he always goes one step further to make sure our needs are fulfilled, and that we are hitting the right audience in a cost-efficient manner. Highly recommended.” – Anthony

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