How Lake B2B Helped a Japanese Dessert Company Run Successful Marketing Campaigns and Augmented Email Deliverability by 47%


Founded in 2014, the client is a fast-growing, premium mochi ice cream company based in New York. Offering innovative flavors, inspired presentation, and beautiful packaging, the client primarily caters to corporates looking to host an event for their employees or clients and provide them with a unique, delightful dessert, regardless of the occasion.


The client’s primary target audience consists of restaurants, including:

Fine DiningAsian Food
Asian FusionNew American
CaribbeanSupper Club


Being a producer of an authentic Asian dessert, the client’s target audience comprises mainly Asian restaurants, which are quite abundant in the USA. Currently, the country houses 28,000+ Japanese restaurants, 40,000+ Chinese restaurants, and 7000+ Korean restaurants, making it a pretty lucrative market for the client. On top of that, the client is also targetting Hawaiian and Caribbean restaurants with their bespoke delicacies.


C-Level ExecutivesVP Level Executives
Food RetailersChefs
Restaurant Decision MakersRestaurant procurement Titles
Directors and Managers


With an online store and brick-and-mortar shops, the client already knew how to sell their products. Having served their target audience faithfully, the client was looking to expand to newer, bigger markets.

To achieve this goal, the client’s marketing team devised a comprehensive marketing strategy, targeting numerous restaurants across the USA, along with other corporate companies looking for catering services. Email marketing was the primary channel through which the marketing communications would take place.

However, the marketing team quickly realized that something was amiss. Their open rates were at an all-time low, with CTRs even lower. As a result, their campaign deliverability took a massive hit. Their main marketing data source was their in-house database, which had not been updated for quite a while. Most of the restaurant contacts had either closed shop, relocated, or changed their email address.

The decision-maker data they had had also suffered the same fate. Many of the entries had changed organizations or had moved on to other roles. Targeting a CEO with the same level of importance as that of a manager won’t do your marketing campaigns any good, and the client’s marketing team learned this the hard way.

Additionally, they were facing troubles with their websites as well, mainly in regards to personalization. Every customer – from new to returning – were shown the same web pages, regardless of their position in the sales funnel. This led to many returning customers losing interest and, consequently, cutting – ties with the client, causing massive sales and marketing failure.

Even their social media campaigns – fuelled by inadequate data – were all over the place. What the client needed was an accurate customer database filled with up-to-date data regarding their target titles and accounts. Plus, they needed a way to identify the buyer’s journey stage any given client is currently in and structure their email marketing campaigns and website according to it.

Other than that, the client’s marketing team was itself out of touch with the contemporary marketing sensibilities and couldn’t nurture their clients enough to harvest them into full-time customers.

The client finally turned to Lake B2B to resolve these marketing and sales woes.


Being well-versed in data management and market research, our experts quickly refurbished the client’s home-grown database, eliminating inconsistencies, redundancies, missing data, and inaccurate entries. A total of 10,000 counts of new data were also appended to the client’s database, segmented based on the type of cuisine the restaurant offers and the contacts’ decision-making influence.

After meticulous market research, 6-stage verification, and multiple rounds of compliance checks, the client was provided with a comprehensive customer database, segmented across essential fields such as:

  • Company Name
  • Web address
  • Contact name
  • First / Middle / Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Email address
  • Phone number of the company
  • Direct dial (wherever available)
  • Employee Size
  • Revenue Size
  • Address, City, Country, State, and ZIP code
  • Fax number
  • Linked-in Address

With such hyper-targeted data at their disposal, the client was able to etch out actionable ICPs, using which they were able to efficiently score their target accounts and carry out result-oriented ABM strategies. Plus, with data segmented this well, personalizing their content became easier than ever before.

Since repeat customers were losing interest fast, Lake B2B’s marketing specialists initiated an onsite and email retargeting campaign, enabling the client to arrest back the attention of those who were had already traversed their sales funnel.

When it comes to email retargeting, timing is of crucial importance. It’s crucial that you land in a prospects’ inbox as soon as they’re off your website. Lake B2B made this possible with accurate intent data, which worked well in combination with clients’ meticulously crafted marketing content.

Additionally, with Lake B2B’s assistance, the client was able to engage with inactive subscribers as well. The well-segmented data and carefully drawn out ICPS facilitated a level of personalization that helped remind the customers why they subscribed in the first place.


After Lake B2B’s experts had helped the client with database renewal and onsite retargeting, the client witnessed a spurt in the email marketing metrics. The open rates had an upswing of over X%, with the CTAs and CTRs following suit. Moreover, with hyper-relevant decision-maker data, the client was able to push the prospects past the awareness stage to the evaluation and decision phase.

Plus, the client’s sales pipeline quickly began to bulge from an onslaught of high-quality leads, finally bringing their ROAs in the positive. Lastly, with successful onsite retargeting, the client could make the most out of their website.

“Insights from Lake B2B’s data specialists allowed us to recognize the glaring inconsistencies in our home-grown database. By using their accurate and verified customer database, we could now target our audience more effectively and uncover new customer niches that we never knew existed. Plus, with a slew of new data fields at our disposal, we could now push content – aligned with our customers’ needs and expectations – more consistently. Thanks to Lake B2B, we were able to bring our email marketing metrics up, acquire new customers, and offer them an authentic Japanese cuisine experience like no other.”
– VP of Marketing

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