Educational Efficiency: A Case Study in Data-Driven Marketing Success

The LakeB2B Solution:

Partnering with LakeB2B, a leader in data solutions, the institution embarked on a strategic approach to address these challenges:

Data Enhancement and Cleansing: LakeB2B meticulously cleansed and enriched the institution’s existing data. This process eliminated incorrect or outdated information and supplemented it with valuable details, ensuring higher data accuracy and relevance.

Targeted Audience Refinement: Through close collaboration, LakeB2B and the institution defined specific target criteria and geographic locations. Leveraging LakeB2B’s comprehensive database, the institution was able to refine their target audience and bolster campaign precision.

Consolidated List Purchases: LakeB2B provided access to a vast database of verified contacts, enabling the institution to consolidate their list purchases from multiple vendors. This streamlined the purchasing process, enhanced their buying power, and maintained competitive pricing.

Dedicated Account Management: LakeB2B assigned a dedicated customer support representative to ensure prompt and effective assistance throughout the partnership. This personalized approach fostered a positive customer experience and facilitated swift resolution of any questions or concerns.

Measurable Results:

The educational institution’s partnership with LakeB2B yielded significant improvements:

Soaring Email Deliverability: Clean and enriched data from LakeB2B improved email accuracy, ensuring messages reached the intended recipients. This resulted in a noticeable increase in email deliverability rates and, consequently, greater user engagement.

Enhanced Marketing Campaigns: Refined target criteria and geographic segmentation empowered the institution to create more focused and tailored marketing campaigns. This optimization led to higher open rates, click-through rates, and ultimately, improved conversion rates.

Streamlined Purchasing: By consolidating list purchases with LakeB2B, the institution streamlined their procurement process. This reduced their dependence on multiple vendors, translating into cost-efficiency and increased buying power.

Competitive Pricing: LakeB2B’s cost-effective pricing structure provided the institution with high-quality data within their allocated budget.

Specific Client Requests and Delivered Results:

Registered Nurses (NJ & PA): The institution sought registered nurses specifically within the states of New Jersey and Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Excluding those with master’s degrees and BSN qualifications, LakeB2B delivered a total of 2,877 contacts. A subset of 1,642 contacts excluded both master’s degrees and BSN qualifications.

High School Counselors (2021 Update): The institution requested an update to their existing high school counselor list, ensuring contacts with no duplicates from their previous purchase from LakeB2B. LakeB2B provided 46,700 new, unique contacts meeting these criteria.

Client Testimonial:

“Our partnership with LakeB2B has been very valuable. The data has been clean, and we have experienced higher email deliverability rates. We have been able to refine our purchases using specific criteria and geography. Not only is the pricing competitive, but we have been able to consolidate our list purchases to fewer vendors, which has given us more buying power. The customer service is excellent.” – Jennifer

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