How Lake B2B increased scheduled appointments & ROI for a niche dental equipment brand

42% Increase in overall engagement and referrals

3.16% increase in click-through rate

31.28% increase in click-to-open rate

38 Customer Meetings Scheduled

Industry :Loupe & Headlight Technology
Location :Madison, USA
Challenge :Unable to connect with their Total Addressable Market & gain traction with their campaigns.
Solution :Specialty-based, geo-targeted contact data for multi-channel campaign outreach to expand their scope and reach, and to ensure confirmed appointments.

Meet the Client

An industry leader, constantly pushing the limits to provide clinicians with the latest products that achieve superior visualization through enhanced ergonomics, improved magnification, and illumination. Their custom-fit loupes and headlights enable practitioners to work with superior visualization and help them to practice pain-free. Their mission is to offer high-performance loupes and headlight technology that helps in delivering the best patient care without sacrificing ergonomics. They take precise measurements to build profiles based on the individual’s facial geometry that is used as the digital blueprint to handcraft loupes.


There were unable to identify and reach out to their Total Addressable Market.

Previous campaigns had not garnered the response that they were aspiring for.

The client was unable to procure quality data and insights into their core target audience which included – Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Surgeons & Nurse Practitioners.

They were keen on promoting their product across specific locations to expand their reach and scope, and to ensure confirmed appointments.


We segmented the data based on the specialties and focused cities. The strategy was to reach focused cities & specialties, and eventually scale up to the states alongside multiple specialties. Additionally, their old data repository was cleansed and enriched with current and up-to-date customer insights, to optimize reach across all channels.

The proposed plan included an end-to-end multi-channel campaign outreach at fixed interims to ensure a positive customer response. The messaging was highly personalized keeping in mind the behavioral intent of the target persona. The focus was more on spreading awareness about the ease of use, various customizations possible, and how patient care could be made precision-focused and pain-free with their niche dental loupes.


With the very first campaign, the client experienced a remarkable difference in customer engagement levels.

The click-through rate increased to 3.16% and the click-to-open rate increased to 31.28%.

Considering the scope of the target audience & geography we were able to garner a positive response ensuring scheduled appointments.

The client is very happy with the overall response and has extended the campaign outreach from a quarter to a year.


  • 42% Increase in overall engagement and referrals
  • 3.16% increase in click-through rate
  • 31.28% increase in click-to-open rate
  • 38 Customer Meetings Scheduled

Client Testimonial

“Considering how our previous campaigns performed we were really worried about how to expand our reach. We were unable to find holistic insights of our target audience that could help us gauge the behavioural intent. Lake B2B has truly managed to surpass our expectations. Their data quality and intent insights are impeccable and the team was so patient and considerate all throughout the process. We are very happy with this engagement and are keenly looking forward to the upcoming campaigns.”

– John Steve, Chief Marketing Operations

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