How Lake B2B’s Lead Generation and Nurture Solutions Improved This Healthcare Client’s Multi-Channel Marketing Metrics


The client is a niche data-focused Contract or Clinical Research Organization (CRO), concentrated on the research of one of the least understood diseases in the world – Alzheimer’s. Despite 303 people in the US dying in a day from this ghastly malady (health emergency), the cause has been unknown, making it impossible to come up with preventive or curative measures. The client company, therefore, specializes in offering services such as data capture, statistical analysis, clinical trial reporting, research outsourcing, medical communications, and more directed towards helping healthcare providers, physicians, and pharma experts make a successful regulatory submission that accelerates the approval process for their products and services.

Equipped with compelling research and evidence, the client company aims to expose the germ/bacteria/parasite/virus responsible for the fifth leading cause of death in the US – Alzheimer’s.



The client wanted to target experts in the research and treatment of alzeihmer’s, neuroscience, genetics, and medical research. Their aim was to urge healthcare and pharma experts to tackle this health emergency using hard facts and clinical trail results. For this, the client had to build a high-quality sales pipeline which required accurate and relevant leads data.

Sadly, this is where the main problem was. The client company was unable to efectively scale up their sales due to a lack of accurate leads database that facilitated the creation of hyper-targeted marketing communications. This was of utmost importance as marketing to physicians is no cakewalk. To cut through a competition of nearly 81,000 pharma reps and market to experts who were already bombarded with product samples, medical journals, and marketing emails, the client required more than run-of-the-mill marketing gimmicks. They needed to identify leads’ behavior, analyze which stage of the sales funnel they’re in, and present their organization as a thought leader that had all the hard numbers and facts. The only answer was rationalized marketing carried out through targeted messaging and ads.

Since the client had no segmented database in place, they were unable to build icps for razor-focused campaigning. As a result, their email marketing practices saw high bounce-backs and low ctors and ctrs. Plus, the client was heavily focused on carrying out traditional direct mailing and direct-to-physician marketing but the changing consumer behavior of their audience made it imperative to leverage digital channels to their full potential, primarily linkedin and email. Therefore, the client’s sales and marketing teams suffered wasted time and resources on emailing and tele-calling irrelevant leads.

What was found was that the main medical marketing challenge was contacting key decision-makers and those with purchasing power – without a targeted marketing database, the client ended up contacting mostly doctors and healthcare providers working in hospitals as opposed to those who own their practices and have more control over daily operations and the decision-making process, as a result.

But since large-group medical facilities have more resources to offer, it was equally important to contact them – the key was to identify the key decision-makers and those with purchasing power. Since the client company’s main focus was to deliver value through medical research and healthcare innovation, they needed an experienced and expert marketing agency partner who could take care of their lead prospecting.

What Happened Next?
The client company’s CEO contacted a local data partner for help. The data provider’s team compiled a leads database that covered the core data fields needed to conduct multi-channel marketing campaigns. But, despite crafting hyper-personalized content and pitches, the results were still at an all-time low.

No significant improvement could be seen in marketing KPIs. The client still ended up targeting irrelevant contacts that either couldn’t take the purchase decisions or were uninterested and unresponsive. Customer acquisition suffered as a result with marketing resources being wasted, yet again.


When the above-mentioned medical marketing challenges became too overwhelming to overcome, the client contacted the data experts of Lake B2B. Upon proper market analysis and research, the cause for a low-performing CRM was found to be the lack of a custom-built, hyper-relevant leads database that provided rich firmographic and demographic insights into the client’s TAM as well as buying signals that could rule out the inclusion of irrelevant and unresponsive leads.

Targeting Clients Based on Accurate Customer Profiles

The very first step taken was to ensure that the client database was well-segmented so that only the most valuable customers were targeted in the first place. As such, the resulting leads database included a total of 12,971 data counts segmented into four different categories based on job titles, geo-targeting requirements, and the specialty areas of the specialists, as given in the table below.

Segmentation CategoryData Counts
US infectious disease specialistsXXXX
Global infectious disease specialistsXXXX
Pediatric disease researchersXXXX
Alzheimer’s disease researchersXXXX

Speak with our Lead Data Experts to know the data counts available for your custom lead prospecting needs.

Multi-step-verified contact information of these above-mentioned healthcare specialists and researchers was included. Close to 100+ core data fields were covered, such as –

  • Full Name of the Prospect
  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Area of Specialization
  • Email Address
  • Direct Calling Number
  • Facility Calling Number
  • Certification
  • NPI Number

There are many more insight categories apart from the above accessed by our top clients. Lake B2B’s data experts helped the client identify their Total Addressable Market (TAM) and reach out to key decision-makers and those with purchasing power, both for self-owned clinics and large-group medical facilities.

Moreover, since the leads database only included premium MQLs, the client was able to carry out multi-channel marketing campaigns across their leads’ most preferred channels of communication, which included hyper-personalized emails that invited leads to test product samples and take part in virtual summits and events, hyper-targeted LinkedIn ads that addressed leads pain points, targeted content marketing that shared relevant thought leadership research and analytical reports, email nurture practices, and Google PPC ads to promote their service offerings to the most prospective clients.

By doing so, the client was now able to walk neck-to-neck with changing consumer behavior and cater to leads in every stage of the marketing funnel. The client was no longer relying on single-way marketing approaches – the emails and ads were reaching relevant contacts, the thought leadership content was driving audience interest and engagement, and leads were being pushed down the marketing funnel in time to gain competitive advantage.


Using Lake B2B’s data-driven marketing solutions, the client was able to conduct hyper-targeted marketing across multiple digital channels.

The direct impact was an increase in email deliverability up to 95%, LinkedIn Ad performance improved by 300%, and Google Ads ROAS ratio improved by 2X.

The client company realized where the major loopholes were and understood that the answer to a successful targeted campaign started with an insight-rich CRM.

With hyper-personalized messages and ads based on ideal buyer personas, the client’s lead generation process speeded – more and more relevant contacts started engaging via content marketing practices whereas customized newsletters and nurture mails improved CTRs, bringing in more physician and researcher MQLs.

Then, Tele-calls based on these MQL engagements helped to further interact and nurture leads.

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