Building Stronger Brands Through Targeted Campaigns

Project Overview

As a leading brand development agency in the US, the client specializes in collaborative brand building within the construction industry. They sought to expand their reach and connect with potential clients within the construction industry. Their initial goal was to acquire high-quality contact data to target specific decision-makers within their ideal customer profile (ICP).

Initial Data Needs

Client initially approached LakeB2B seeking custom data solutions focused on a broad range of construction industry segments:

Commercial BuildingsWholesale Suppliers and Distributors
Building MaterialsRetail Stores/Suppliers
Commercial Building SuppliersCommercial Drywall Suppliers

Evolving Strategy

Following further discussions, Client identified a more targeted approach focusing on specific titles within the construction industry. These titles included:

Purchasing/Regional Purchasing ManagerPurchasing Agent
Branch Manager/Senior Branch ManagerGeneral Manager
Location ManagerProject Manager
Project Engineer/Project Engineer 2Project Executive

The Solution

LakeB2B leveraged its expertise to build a custom data list containing 42,377 high-quality contacts matching Client’s specific criteria within the construction industry. This ensured their outreach efforts reached the most relevant decision-makers.

Data-Driven Campaign Management: Beyond data licensing, the Client engaged LakeB2B for a comprehensive campaign management solution encompassing 12 targeted email campaigns.

Campaign Execution: The campaign deployment frequency varied based on client requirements, typically occurring once per month or with longer gaps in between. While this approach allowed for flexibility, it also presented a challenge: ensuring live seed emails were included in each campaign. There were isolated incidents where live seed emails were missing, potentially impacting deliverability results.

Double Seeding: Live seeds were added to both initial and optimized campaigns. This redundancy ensured deliverability was monitored even if the client unintentionally omitted seeds or they were directed to designated folders. This approach proved successful, and client satisfaction improved.

Proactive Campaign Management: The LakeB2B campaign team played a crucial role in ensuring success through several key actions:

Frequent Deployment Follow-Up: The team consistently followed up on each deployment, ensuring campaigns were executed smoothly and addressing any issues promptly.

On-Time Delivery: Campaigns were deployed on schedule, and reports were delivered to the client punctually. The team also followed up to confirm report delivery, maintaining transparency and accountability.

Effective Problem-Solving: Whenever the client raised concerns, the team provided timely solutions that effectively addressed the issues.

Increased Visibility and Lead Generation: Targeted campaigns delivered strong results, as evidenced by impressive open and click-through rates. This success prompted Client to renew their data license and engage for another 12 email campaigns.

Expanded Reach Potential: LakeB2B identified an additional 20,000 qualified contacts, further enriching Client outreach capabilities.

Client Satisfaction

 “It’s been a pleasure working with you and your team since last spring. We’re looking forward to working with you again and now with twelve campaigns. We appreciate that everyone on your team is very responsive and organized. Your turnaround time on Creating HTML and deploying eblasts have been fantastic and we’re very pleased with the results of 2023-2024 campaigns,” shared a Client representative. – Jean Christian

The Conclusion This case study exemplifies the capabilities of LakeB2B as a data-driven marketing solutions provider. By leveraging targeted data, strategic campaign management, and exceptional service, LakeB2B was able to enable the client to maximize outreach in the target market and generate qualified leads. The renewed engagement, planned expansion of marketing efforts, and client satisfaction solidify the value LakeB2B brings to Client’s continued growth.

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