Building Bridges: A Family Medicine Provider Expands Network with Targeted Email Marketing by LakeB2B

LakeB2B’s Targeted Solution: Understanding Eric’s needs, LakeB2B developed a comprehensive email marketing strategy:

National Physician Network: We provided them with a high-quality list of 29,004 qualified family and internal medicine doctors across the United States. This extensive database allowed them to launch a nationwide email campaign to connect directly with potential referral partners and increase brand awareness within the medical community.

Targeted Outreach, Localized Impact: To further enhance their outreach efforts, Eric identified specific cities with a high concentration of potential referral partners. LakeB2B leveraged this information to create customized contact lists focused on family medicine and internal medicine departments within hospital systems located in eight key cities:

Bozeman, MT (6 contacts)
Charlotte, NC (187 contacts)
Denver-Boulder, CO (238 contacts)
Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Boca Raton, FL (260 contacts)
Nashville, TN (90 contacts)
Atlanta, GA (161 contacts)
Charleston, SC (207 contacts)
Cleveland-Cincinnati, OH (452 contacts)
Indianapolis, IN (81 contacts)
Texas (Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston) (468 contacts)

This ensured a concentrated outreach effort within these desired geographic locations, allowing them to build stronger relationships with potential referral sources.

Measurable Results: 

By leveraging LakeB2B’s targeted email marketing solutions, the family medicine provider is positioned to achieve significant growth in their referral network:

Increased Visibility Among Potential Referral Partners: Nationwide outreach to private practice physicians significantly boosted brand recognition within the medical community. Additionally, targeted hospital system emails raised awareness within specific geographic areas.

Enhanced Partnership Opportunities: Connecting with key decision-makers in targeted hospital systems opened doors for potential partnerships and patient referrals.

Streamlined Marketing Efforts: Precise audience targeting minimized wasted marketing resources by focusing on the most promising leads, leading to a more cost-effective marketing strategy.

Client Testimonial: 

“Very satisfied with the list and would purchase another list along with a campaign.” – Eric

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