Breathing Easier: A Leading Respiratory Care Provider Fills Talent Gaps with Laser-Focused Recruitment by LakeB2B

Target Qualified RTs: Attract candidates with the necessary skills and experience to excel within their unique respiratory care environment.

Reduce Time-to-Hire: Streamline the recruitment process by identifying qualified candidates more quickly.

Optimize Resources: Focus their recruitment efforts on the most promising leads, maximizing their return on investment (ROI).

LakeB2B’s Data-Driven Approach: Understanding the provider’s specific needs, LakeB2B implemented a multi-faceted recruitment strategy:

Targeted Talent Pool: We leveraged our extensive healthcare database to identify a pool of qualified RTs across the United States. This ensured a geographically diverse pool while prioritizing candidates located near the provider’s facilities.

Skill-Specific Selection: We went beyond basic credentials by filtering candidates based on specific skills and experience relevant to the provider’s unique requirements. This ensured a higher caliber of applicants, saving time and resources during the interview process.

Streamlined Outreach: We provided the provider with pre-built contact information, eliminating the need for time-consuming candidate searching. This allowed them to reach out to qualified candidates immediately and expedite the recruitment process.


By partnering with LakeB2B’s targeted recruitment approach, the healthcare provider achieved significant improvements in their talent acquisition efforts:

Reduced Time-to-Hire: Access to a pre-qualified pool of RTs significantly shortened the time needed to fill open positions. This allowed them to meet patient needs more efficiently and ensure continuity of care.

Increased Candidate Quality: Targeting specific skills and experience ensured a higher caliber of applicants. This reduced the time and resources required for interview processes and onboarding new hires.

Improved Team Efficiency: By focusing on qualified candidates, the provider filled their talent pipeline with the skilled RTs needed to deliver exceptional patient care. This enhanced overall team efficiency and improved patient outcomes.

Client Testimonial: 

“We were constantly bombarded with applications from unqualified therapists through traditional job boards,”. “LakeB2B’s targeted approach helped us cut through the noise and find qualified respiratory therapists with the specific skills and experience we needed. The pre-built contact information was a huge time-saver, and we were able to fill our open positions much faster. We’re very pleased with the results!” – Keith

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