Application Avalanche to Streamlined Staffing: Renowned Nursing Program Accelerates Hiring with LakeB2B

LakeB2B to the Rescue: Understanding Mark’s challenges, LakeB2B implemented a strategic recruitment solution:

Targeted Geographic Focus: We meticulously crafted a custom database of qualified nurses residing in the Greater Cincinnati and Greater Cleveland areas, ensuring a perfect geographic fit for the open positions.

Experience-Based Selection: We moved beyond basic nursing licenses by filtering candidates based on specific years of experience and areas of specialization aligned with their open positions. This ensured a higher caliber of applicants with the skills and knowledge required to excel within their nursing program.

Streamlined Application Process: We provided Mark with pre-qualified candidate profiles, complete with contact information and relevant experience details. This eliminated the need to sift through irrelevant applications, streamlining the application review process for their recruitment team.

Measurable Results: By partnering with LakeB2B’s targeted recruitment approach, the esteemed institution achieved impressive results:

Reduced Time-to-Hire: Access to a pre-qualified pool of local nurses significantly reduced the time needed to fill open positions. This allowed them to focus on core aspects of their nursing program while ensuring timely staffing needs were met.

Increased Candidate Quality: Targeting experienced nurses with relevant specializations led to a higher caliber of applicants. This not only expedited the hiring process but also ensured they were attracting nurses with the necessary qualifications to deliver exceptional patient care.

Enhanced Efficiency: Eliminating irrelevant applications allowed their recruitment team to dedicate more time and resources to interviewing the most promising candidates. This enhanced overall efficiency and optimized their recruitment efforts.

Client Testimonial: 

“The service has been supportive and welcomed,”. This positive experience highlights the effectiveness of LakeB2B’s targeted recruitment solutions in helping higher education institutions like ours build strong nursing teams and deliver exceptional patient care.” – Mark, Director of Nursing Recruitment

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