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A multinational aerospace company based in Arlington, USA with a rich history in producing commercial and military aircraft. It is one of the most successful aviation companies in the world.

With models that range from small to large, there’s an aircraft for any commercial or business need. And with years of experience in the airline industry, they knew how to make your flight as comfortable and productive as possible.

Being one of the world’s leading airplane manufacturers they have been building planes since 1969, and today they are responsible for a large percentage of the world’s commercial air travel. They are the manufacturers and builders of some of the most popular planes and they’ve changed the face of air travel.

They have truly positioned themselves as a global airline manufacturer.


This airline manufacturer, which was overshadowed by Boeing and Airbus, and was not well recognized for their world-class inventions and market disruptors even though they had revolutionized the way airlines operate with the opportunities they provide. This aerospace company is the world leader in the design and manufacture of aircraft in the 70-130 seat category, commonly referred to as regional jets. It competes with competitors like Bombardier, Mitsubishi, and Boeing, and Airbus.In terms of perception, this firm was on par with Airbus, Boeing, and Bombardier.

At a time when this airline manufacturer was ready to
debut a new family of aircraft that included the largest aircraft ever built in the segment, Lake B2B was hired to change this lack of awareness and elevate the brand to be the most admired challenger brand in the commercial aviation sector.

What Happened Next?

For this aerospace company, a fundamental shift in thinking was required. To go from a timid and understated demeanor to one that showed the organization’s true nature and ardent accomplishments.

A comprehensive brand development program was implemented, culminating in an integrated cross-channel campaign that resulted in a 300 percent gain in audience share, a 243 percent rise in the share of voice, and 82 percent additional website visitors.

It also featured some industry firsts, such as a live TV broadcast that drew over 423000 views in its first week.


This aerospace firm had a unique perspective on the market and how to create long-term profitability for its clients. Unlike its competitors, they felt that the airline industry’s overcapacity is driving prices to unsustainable levels. A lot of airlines are experiencing financial difficulties as a result of this. Expanding into new routes with low/medium density was also monetarily unviable.

This airline manufacturer has questioned the airline business model, believing that the only way to achieve long-term profitability is to better match aircraft capacity to market demand.

They anticipated that during the next 20 years, global demand for 70-130 seat planes will reach 6400 new jets, valued at $300 billion. As a result, the stakes were quite high.

With important participants discussing specific qualities of their aircrafts, such as fuel burn and minimal emissions, just relaying these details for this aerospace company with a much smaller budget would have little influence.

In conclusion, Lake B2B recommended that this aerospace firm take a far more aggressive approach to the challenge by breaking with tradition and taking a riskier strategy. They needed to stop selling ‘metal’ and instead focus on recognizing clients’ difficulties and selling a solution to help them achieve profitability.

Throughout an aggressive campaign, Lake B2B advertised using language that struck a chord with their audience and incorporated an emotionally compelling visual style in all marketing channels. The utilization of personas was an important element.


To reflect the mindset and attitude of the target audience, the primary benefits of the aircraft solutions were crafted based on business personas, Lake B2B developed a new identity for the brand.

The identities were disruptive, and flattering to the target audience. Lake B2B was able to place the proposition at the center of the message, and create intrigue to grab attention and pique curiosity. The promotion began with the renaming of the new aircraft, according to Lake B2B.

Channels and tactics used in media and marketing

The campaign included press and online display advertising, an outdoor exhibit at the airport, and the launch of a new website, as well as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube interactions.

They also on boarded our aviation bloggers that created a slew of blog posts.

We also built an immersive virtual reality experience for the planes that were built.

Broad-scale effort in traditional media, such as print advertising in trade publications, show dailies, and posters at and near the important airshows, supplemented the closely focused digital campaigns.

Furthermore, the content and social media activities allowed this aerospace corporation to expand on the subject to maximize the campaign’s impact.


  • 1012% increase in engagement
  • 205 VR presentations made to prospects
  • 97% increase in website dwell times: 3.2 mins per session
  • 9k page views per day
  • 76.4% new visitors, approx.
  • 108 customer meetings arranged
  • 47 orders achieved – value $4.5 bn

Client Testimonial

“First and foremost, I’d want to congratulate everyone at Lake B2B on their fantastic efforts and outcomes. They truly grasped this Aerospace Manufacturers Commercial Aviation’s distinct personality and conveyed it beautifully and unforgettably.”

Zena Davis, Payload Specialist

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