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ADAMS Database Management System

Expand your reach, connect with the right target audience globally

This is a unique online-hosted private database. Just identify your target market or audience and you can get a part of our master B2B file and host it online for yourself privately. It provides an interface to our master file so that you can quickly and easily do ongoing counts and see samples for additional market segments. We update the database regularly so you have your own private data source, cleansed and updated, available for downloading your list to do an email campaign with good deliverability whenever you wish.

Without such a solution, ongoing email campaigns are difficult to generate sufficient or even justifiable ROI from, owing to constant data dilution. Further, you can do email appending and match your file against our master file, so that your in-house prospect or customer list is also up to date. What other solution do you need to address this common problem?

ADAMS will help you:

  • Get unique contacts irrespective of your target audience
  • Get completely exclusive access to the records you have chosen
  • Get perfectly validated contacts from authentic sources
  • Do data changes at a later date and match against the master database