Bespoke Technology Lists
Case Study June-2021


One of the Unique Criteria
Project Description

Application Usage: 1. American HealthTech 2. Evident, a CPSI Company 3.Healthland, a CPSI Company 4. TruBridge, a CPSI Company 5.All CPSI users.
Titles: Manager and higher – Billing, Finance, Director of Nursing, Office Manager
Geo: USA
Data Fields: All + 60% LI accounts

Breakdown of Lists

Application/Tech Insight Company Records Contact Records
American Health Tech 21 50
Evident, a CPSI Company 121 393
Healthland, a CPSI Company 40 95
TruBridge, a CPSI Company 15 32

Additional Data Insights

Application/Tech Insight Company Records Contact Records
All Other CPSI Users 371 1205

Our Efforts in Sourcing you Accurate Data

We use 100% manually built companies and contacts for this criteria. Because we don’t have a single source of company information for this project we use multiple verification tools to deliver this file. And we delivered accurate data to the client while hoping we’ll get some more projects from the client.

Key Challenges We Address

  • Consistency
  • Accuracy
  • Timely Delivery
  • High Priority

Results we Achieved With Our Data Capabilities

The client was delighted with our timely delivery and pleased with our data quality.

The outcome is we received the 10th repeat project from the client side.