Scale Your Crypto Currency Audience Targeting

Find Crypto Currency Business Owners and Professionals to Increase Sales Pipeline and 5X Your Revenue.

Lead Generation

Run laser targeted campaigns

Run laser targeted campaigns with our 6-Step lead acquisition and sales funnels to drive 5X ROI with Crypto Currency industry Ideal Customer Persona (ICP).

Start by building a pre-qualified, custom B2B audience email database that is enriched with more valuable insights.

Overview of the Right Leads Fitment:

Crypto & Blockchain Financial Advisor Crypto & Blockchain Investment Advisor Crypto & Blockchain Online Marketer
Cryptocurrency Trader Crypto & Blockchain Business Founder/CEO Chief Coin Procurement Officer
Crypto & Blockchain Cybersecurity Officer Cryptocurrency Advisor Crypto & Blockchain Developer
Crypto Senior Product Manager Crypto Senior Data Engineers Crypto Datacenter & Cloud Technician
Crypto Treasurer Cryptocurrency Executives Blockchain Executives
Crypto & BlockchainBusiness Development Bitcoin Executives Chief Financial Officer
Chief Information Officers Crypto & Blockchain AI Specialists

We are an Industry-Leading Enabler of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Marketing Automation

With Your Campaign Ready Targeted Crypto and Blockchain Customer Data
Get a Flawless, Accurate Sales CRM.

This is the first step to data-driven Social Ads, Email Campaigns and Google PPC that ensure you do not waste money on wrong inboxes, clicks and impressions.

Here’s How we Reactivate Old CRM Contacts:

Email Appending with Crypto & Blockchain B2B email Lists:

Replace old and outdated email addresses in your database and CRM to roll out effective digital marketing campaigns using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and email marketing.

First and Last Name Append with Cryptocurrency & Blockchain B2B leads list:

Match email lead database and CRM with the right first names and last names of your most prospective targets to run email marketing automation campaigns with a personalized communication.

Company Name Append with Cryptocurrency & Blockchain B2B leads data:

Add the company name in the database of your leads with their official email addresses matching your targets current organization to help sales in their prep work before contacting the customer.

Phone Appending with Cryptocurrency & Blockchain B2B sales prospects:

Along with a list of email IDs accurately matched with the names, job titles and current company details, you can now get your prospects’ direct dial numbers or phone numbers for tele calling.

Role & Title Appending with Cryptocurrency & Blockchain B2B email leads:

With the email addresses matched to your prospective leads’ current organization, you can also add more information about their new role and job title to adapt your communication.

Mailing Address Appending with Cryptocurrency & Blockchain B2B customer data:

This data appending service is especially useful for marketers who want to instill a sense of trust by sending direct mailer communication, company magazines, or brochures to prospects.

There are overall 110+ targeting filters that you can use to build your most prospective target audience view. So that you not only put a face to every lead from the database but also draw valuable insights that help create high-converting email marketing campaigns.

Website Visitors

Build Your Custom Audience & Lead Funnels with Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Customer Data

Send prospective customers personalized Ads, destination pages and emails marketing hooks.

Here’s how you can generate B2B email leads to connect with and segment them broadly under the following funnel types:

Build Your Custom Audience

Lead Profiling and Funnel for Cold Audiences

Identify customers who have a specific need that matches the type of product or service you offer but they have never heard of your brand before.

Lead Profiling and Funnel for Warm Audiences

Identify customers that have interacted with you in the past and can be targeted once again by sending messages to their current official email inboxes.

Lead Profiling and Funnel for Hot Audiences

Identify and track customer behavior to show them with follow-up funnels, offers and consulting that answers their buying decision needs.

Walk Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Customers Through Personalized Funnels and Sales Qualification Journeys

Gain intent signals and insights from email campaigns first.

Match it with “visitors” returning to your website for either further investigation, comparing features or to understand the offer pricing model.

You don’t want to lose out on such audience interest and tracking your hottest leads cannot happen without you making a beginning by leading them into your engagement cycle.

Here is how we deploy email powered engagement cycles and tracking to get your leads hooked on until the most prospective customers convert.

Steps to transform ‘Email Targets” to “Returning Website Visitors” and finally “Paying Customers”
  • Make a beginning sending intent capture pages that offer gated advice to your customers.
  • Prepare pre-determined follow-up nurture sales pages that offer more value to customers.
  • Based on whether customers take a decisive action or drop-off, have a triggered response.
  • Run up-sell or cross-sell campaigns combining email, LinkedIn, Messenger and SMS marketing.

Our seasoned Lead-Gen Campaign Account Managers will show you how to capture buying intent with updated contact information, so you keep generating new leads to follow-up with again and again, even after they leave your offer page!

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