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Why is it important that you partner with us for your Atlassian User Campaigns?

Most B2B providers provide only a partial solution to your specific business needs. We, on the other hand, have pushed personalization to a new level. Within the Atlassian technology community, we have the best mailing list of users. In addition, Atlassian is a leading provider of software for development, collaboration, and issue tracking.

Atlassian solutions are used by lakhs of customers worldwide daily to improve project management, software development, code quality, and collaboration. With its highly reliable data, our Atlassian users list allows you to easily contact these specialists.

What sets our databases apart from the lists provided by our competitors?

Our staff develops the list by getting contacts from the most reputable databases, assisting you in reaching and connecting with conversion-ready prospects. Our services are distinguished by their correctness and timeliness. Our database is divided into sections depending on regional and demographic characteristics.

You can get the best leads for your sales needs based on industry type, geography, revenue, and more with Lake B2B’s Atlassian users email list. Targeting the right prospects in your chosen area will allow you to close sales and increase revenues in a short time. Our list is thorough, containing all of the necessary information for managers and executives.

How do we build prospective Atlassian lists that are verified and compliant?

This email list is meticulously produced, pre-verified, permission-based, and up-to-date.

To set us apart from the competition, our scientists conduct frequent quality tests and ensure that the list is correct. In addition, we cover the information about prospects from all over the world. This includes the United States, APAC, and EMEA regions.

With over 5M+ tele contacts verified every quarter and over 30M+ emails verified every month, we ensure 100% data is revamped every 60 days.

We only collect data from reliable sources to give you the most up-to-date Atlassian customer list. B2B directories, trade shows, yellow pages, conferences, government records, surveys, meetings, annual reports, and more are among the resources available.

Please make the most of your campaign’s outcomes by using our precise datasets.

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Total Atlassian Users Data List Includes:

52,054 accounts with their firmographic intelligence

Atlassian Users

Atlassian Users

Website Analytics

Atlassian Users

Atlassian Users

Tech Stacks in Use

Atlassian Users

Atlassian Users

Employee Size

Atlassian Users

Atlassian Users


Atlassian Users

Atlassian Users


Atlassian Users

Atlassian Users

Job Vacancy Growth

Atlassian Users

Atlassian Users


Atlassian Users

Atlassian Users


Targeted Atlassian Users Database Includes the Following:

Targeted Atlassian

  • Atlassian Users Organization’s Top Management Names
  • Atlassian Users Organization’s Top Management Location
  • Atlassian Users Organization’s Top Management Direct Dials
  • Atlassian Users Organization’s Top Management Email IDs
  • Atlassian Users Organization’s Top Management LinkedIn IDs

The Different Atlassian User Contacts Datasets you Will Find With Us

  • Permission-Based Atlassian List
  • Operations Executives List
  • Treasurer Mailing List List
  • Finance Executives List
  • Atlassian Engineers List
  • Atlassian Product Partners List
  • Marketing Executives List
  • Controller Business List
  • Atlassian Customers List
  • Product Vendors Email List
  • Corporate Secretary Email List

You can also get the top Atlassian Users by geography and target them with hyper-personalized email campaigns.

Unlock more segmented Atlassian User Targets by Geography Overview of Geo-Segmented Target Types:


List of Atlassian Users Companies in APAC Region Countries List of Atlassian Users Companies in Detroit
List of Atlassian Users Companies in Middle East Region Countries List of Atlassian Users Companies in Atlanta
List of Atlassian Users Companies in Europe Region Countries List of Atlassian Users Companies in Houston
List of Atlassian Users Companies in Australia List of Atlassian Users Companies in San Jose
List of Atlassian Users Companies in the USA List of Atlassian Users Companies in Dallas
List of Atlassian Users Companies by States & Metro Areas List Of Atlassian Users Companies in Las Vegas
List of Atlassian Users Companies in LATAM Region Countries List of Atlassian Users Companies in Miami

Uncover Atlassian Users Total Addressable Market

Understand the Priorities and Concerns of Atlassian Audience Profiles.

Our Lead-Gen Teams Have Perfected the Art of Setting Email Nurture Journeys Using Accurate Atlassian User Records.

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Atlassian is the leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software to over 35,000 businesses.


Atlassian, the pioneer of issue tracking and project management is a company worth checking out.


Atlassian is a software company that creates tools for project management, communication, and collaboration with their popular product being Jira.


Atlassians are passionate about finding ways of making their systems better so they can help you grow as an organization too.

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Maximize ROI by Targeting Qualified Leads Use Our Real-Time Insights on Your Hottest Atlassian Leads

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Eliminate Wasteful Campaign Spends Show your online and social Ads to relevant Atlassian Audiences


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improvement in ROAS


Jump in Leads to Conversion


Increase in New Account Acquisitions


Growth in Demo Registrations by Email

Data Sources:

We have you covered from end-to-end.

Some Of Our Capture Fields Include:

  • Company
  • Web Address
  • Contact Name
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Title
  • Contact email
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State/Province
  • ZIP/Postal Code
  • Country
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Primary Industry
  • SIC Code
  • Employees
  • Sales/Revenue

Premium Data Attributes:

  • Year Founded
  • Company Status
  • Direct Dial
  • Renewal Date
  • IT Spend
  • Contact Social Media URL
  • Company Social Media URL

Speak with our experts to customize your specific Atlassian Users List requirements.