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Data is one of the most crucial assets of an enterprise. It’s accuracy and relevance can have a direct impact on your ROI, and more so during a pandemic where communication is the bridge to stay connected with your customers.
For 16+ years Lake B2B has been enabling Top B2B brands globally with end-to-end data solutions across industries and profiles. We are happy to share that beginning this August we will share monthly Newsletters with our customers and subscribers, that aim to bring forward interesting data insights, trends and actionable tips that can maximize your business performance faster, even during the pandemic. We hope you enjoy your read.

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Tough Teams Last, Tougher
Teams Lead
Business Teams today are fraught with mammoth roadblocks – from a growing set of market challenges, remotely operating workforce, unchartered work delegations to coaching & leadership issues, and staggered delivery of altering value propositions.
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On High-Impact Voyage:
Secrets of Result-driven Email Marketing
Email Marketing is considered as a go-to marketing channel by many savvy marketers! The reason being – it is a great tool for customer engagement and loyalty. Embark on the ROI way of Email Marketing and set relevant Email Marketing ‘Goals’ for your business.
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Case Studies & More
Medical Technologies Distributor Receives Hard-To-Find Equipment Insights
"We have tried a lot of vendors for our data requirements but have never managed to find a contact data list that has managed to give us such in-depth information on imaging centres with 100% accuracy. Lake B2B has helped us to such a great extent. We have been able to connect with our top target audience and managed to create customer engagement like never before."
Account Based Marketing – A Guide-Book for Marketing Success
The world of marketing has to keep pace with the changing needs of clients. Connecting with consumers today – be it in the B2C or B2B arena – has become a challenge. Knowing your prospects, their needs and desires to design a solution which fits their needs can help you drive the results you’re aspiring for.
The Future of B2B Lead Generation
Find the most effective ways of generating leads rated by Top B2B Marketers. Maximize lead generation opportunities with tips, tactics, and stats to help you convert more prospects into customers.
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