LakeB2B at HIMSS 2024

Enabling Healthcare Industry
Growth through

Data-Driven Lead Generation
for Sales
Amplified Audience Outreach
for Marketing
Simplified Talent-Onboarding
for Recruitment
Accelerated GTM
for Rapid Growth

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With an aim to address the distinctive needs of healthcare enterprises, LakeB2B is showcasing its data-driven HealthTech platform and solutions at HIMSS 2024. The solutions are designed to foster optimization and drive growth, contributing to the evolution of the healthcare industry.

Experience our solutions in action

Lead Finder

Empowering healthcare-focused sales professionals to effortlessly discover and generate leads

Audience Finder

Enabling seamless go-to-market insights that ensure wider market reach and customer engagement


Simplifying the hiring process for healthcare enterprises by streamlining the recruitment of high-caliber talent

Why LakeB2B?

  • > Seamless access to 15M+ global healthcare contacts, 900+ specialties, and 300+ titles
  • > 3M+ profiles of physicians, nurses, and allied health practitioners
  • > Segmented data based on CPT, HCPCS, NPI, and ICD Codes across 450+ healthcare specialties
  • > Comprehensive parameter list that includes Facility type, Affiliation, Accreditation, Clinical quality, Patient revenue, and more for 9,000+ hospitals and healthcare centers
  • > Exclusive information about key characteristics such as Clinical quality, HPAHPS rating, patient growth percentage, and more
  • > 7,000+ satisfied customers across the globe, spanning 5 continents, 6 offices, and 500+ employees

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Healthcare sales enablement and data intelligence SAAS platform

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