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In 2021, marketers and sales leaders have realized that campaigns are meaningless without knowing customers’ needs.
Your top customers are expecting the right help, at the right time to advance their buying decisions. The question is – are you aligned with what buying intent and behavior your top customers are displaying online?
We can show you how to drive highly effective campaigns knowing customer intent with the help of accurate leads.
lake B2B
Here is an opportunity to discover the top prospects and become an inseparable part of their buying journey.
Choose Your Next Target
Refreshed data = Lead Accuracy = Higher Conversions
We have recently added 182,893 fresh leads to make our overall B2B customer data most refreshed and up-to-date.
This represents an amazing opportunity to fuel your leads pipeline with our overall data of 100,000,000+ customer lead records.
Snapshot of Your Fresh Targets
Find out what’s new in your most trusted lead data.
dot Net New Companies: 295,408
dot Inactive Companies: 1,020,000
dot New Email ID populated: 10,000,000
dot Change of Designation: 34,543
Our Data Deduplication analysts have removed 450,000+ customer data to keep your lead sourcing relevant with the times.
Adding up to your high-converting firmographic data.
dot PC Usage: 816,000
dot Latest IT Budget: 612,000
dot Latest Fast growing Companies: 10,000
Identify tech purchase intent with freshly added data
dot New Technologies: 51
dot New Companies: 41,582
dot IT Resellers: 50,519
dot Companies Migrated to other Technology: 1,776
Because the most prospective leads are with us
Learn how you stay on top of their changing business needs.
dot Find Your Most Prospective Customers Across Industries
dot Identify & Reach Your Total Addressable Buyer Universe
dot Uncover Buyer Intent & Buying Journeys of Top Clients
What can you do after finding the right customer contact data?
dot Build contact intelligence of your core customer personas
dot Boost your campaign efficiency with multi-channel reach
dot Be aligned always with your customers’ niche requirements
Please reach out to our data experts to know more about the channels on which your customers exist.
Expand exponentially in 2021 with upgraded data of your target market and customers.
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