Why Social Validation?

Social Media for the business audience is a way to Connect, Engage and Impact their target audience and thus Social Validation.

Social media has proved its worth time and again. There’s no question that social media is an integral part of your digital marketing machine, especially if you are selling directly to consumers. As such, marketers are on the lookout for the most efficient and effective means to understand how their customers are using social media to better market to them. Social media is one of the most efficient platforms to gauge customer behavior and buying patterns. There is huge value in being able to identify and append social network urls and demographic information to a marketing database.

Socially Validated Data: How will it benefit your organization?

Socially validated contacts enable you connect and engage with your audience across multiple social media channels. The channel, message and approach can be customized to what is preferred by your target audience. It helps to gauge the social media influence and lead generation from within your CRM. For marketers and sales personnel, this information, integrated alongside your CRM, opens up new possibilities of engagement through instant access of the social profiles of your customers and prospects instantly.

What you gain?

  • Reach relevant users and new audiences for both B2B and B2C campaigns with Twitter handles.
  • Learn more about your contacts by analyzing their online activity through socially validated data.
  • Find new Facebook followers.
  • Target users with custom audiences on Facebook and Twitter, saving valuable advertising money by engaging only interested users.
  • Evaluate B2B prospects, influence with information and connect with them on LinkedIn.
  • Deliver a consistent brand image to the same customers through multiple channels and gain influence to maintain customer brand loyalty.

How Lake B2B can help?

A social profile adds personality to what was previously only a name, job title, lead score, or customer history. Having social network information in a CRM lets you have more authentic conversations with business decision makers. With our socially validated data, you’ll know the “Four W’s” of your audience:

  • Who: demographics, occupation, location and more
  • What: interests, brand affinities, lifestyles, and influence
  • Where: most used social sites and online hangouts
  • With Whom: friends and associates

How we do it?

We socially validate

  • Facebook profile
  • Twitter handle
  • Linkedin Profile ID

We validate Company name and Title of each Contact in your database and match it against various existing social and web networks. This process is run to ensure that you identify the working contacts and their titles.

The Process– At Lake B2B, the social validation of data is done in just 5 simple steps




Step 1 – Once you share your marketing database with us, we ensure it is optimized through our holistic social validation process to enhance your business potential and reach.

Step 2 – Your database is run through the data validation process to ensure utmost data accuracy

Step 3 – The validated database is matched against our master database to validate for the social media profiles.

Step 4 – We apply extensive validation measures to ensure multiple social media profiles are validated against each customer record

Step 5 – The enhanced database is shared with you via a secure ftp portal

Our Socially validated Data:

We have close to 10 million contacts in our database that are socially validated. That sums up to 40% of the total database that we currently own. With more than 1 billion Facebook Users, 550 twitter Users and 200 million LinkedIn Users list that are socially validated you can create waves through your marketing campaigns and experience business returns and brand recognition like never before.



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