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It’s a given that you will be looking through a fine lens to find the best lead intelligence for your clients. They deserve the best service and the extra mile that you can extend through our proven human verified market research support to get deeper insights every time.

Over 13 years in this business, having serviced the top fortune 500 enterprises to startups and specialized requirements, we have worked hard to get your data.

We understand the value that your customers demand and how the new crazy realities are rising complexities for sales and marketing teams.

We are here to help and would be happy to become a part of your growth journey.

Keep growing with data!

You are in a very insightful company in case your clients are looking for the following:

Find out who is searching for their products, offers or services Qualify high quality leads with intent data or lead scoring Make sure their campaigns are GDPR and CCPA compliant Launch email campaigns to accurately reach the right inbox Multi-channel programs with Facebook, LinkedIn and more Direct dials and direct mailers for specialty customers Identify more market segments and total buyer universe

Data Reseller Services
Solutions for Data Resellers

Are you a willing to take your business to the next level?

Tell us how you are helping your clients.

Are you someone who is influencing the influential?
Are you driving brandsto reach their market faster?
Are you solving enterprise sales and marketing challenges?
Are you helping the creators from concept to distribution?

Whether you are serving B2B, B2C and D2C customers we have your leads.


As a Lake B2B channel partner you can make $100K additional revenue every month.

What can you offer

What can you offer your clients

  • Access 450 Million+ lead data that you want to reach
  • 75+ data fields of customer data on diverse customer insights
  • 680+ Industries based on which you can find customer contacts
  • Global job titles and decision maker profiles
  • Experience 100% results with pin-point tar geting
  • Drive 200X more revenue for your clients across the globe
make data work for you

How we make data work for you

Our industry-leading contact database is most accurate, multi-verified and custom-built as per your client’s specific needs.

Uncover insights about revenue, growth, tech installs, buying behavior, intent, etc., and launch ROI assured campaigns.

As a Lake B2B Reseller you will receive all the assistance you need to achieve all your revenue goals with consistent delivery.

Get recognized as the best go-to-market solution provider and growth driver .


Help them find actionable insights with your guidance and support.

Uncover the total buyer universe, understand potential of new segments, buying intent and user behavior.

Make a difference with the most accurate lead data that global enterprises, MSMEs, startups, challenger companies, disruptors and sales & marketing leaders so badly want.

B2B Data Reseller Services

What's more?

Lake B2B has an upgraded reseller package with a host of new features including

Industry-specific quality lists

Industry-specific quality lists

Achieve high deliverability goals every time.

Help them reach their customers’ inboxes and show up at the right time on social media consistently.

Customized data enrichment

Customized data enrichment

Resolve every data concern of clients & prospects.

Help them fill every missing information of those leads whom they want to target.

Instant power-ups

Instant power-ups

Boosting your data returns on a regular basis.

Every quarter more than 2K individuals are joining the Lake B2B Reseller Bandwagon.

Don’t just sit on the fence.
Take a step in the right direction.

Become a Lake B2B partner now!

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