Corporate Background

Lake B2B, formerly B2Bdatapartners is a partnership entity between Lake Group Media and B2Bdatapartners. Lake B2B was founded on the premise of offering maximized revenue potential for all our customers through a strategic alliance. It brings to the front technical expertise, knowledge resources and combined business experience of over 70 years.

Lake Group Media has its headquarters in Armonk, NY. Established in 1960, it serves the direct response industry with state-of-the-art list management, list brokerage, database building, and specialized marketing services and is part of major associations like DMA, SIPA and DMAW.

B2Bdatapartners is a data compilation and email marketing services provider with over 1300 employees and a global presence. A member of DMA, B2Bdatapartners is one of the top list and data management services provider; globally.

Lake Group Media initially partnered with B2Bdatapartners as a primary reseller. After they worked closely, the data quality and integrity of the datasets far exceeded the expectations of Lake Group Media. They decided on building upon the strong points of each business which leads to the genesis of Lake B2B.

Lake B2B utilizes the superior database collection and management skills of B2Bdatapartners and the potential to use various media outlets that Lake Group brings to the table. As a combination, customers have various options to optimize their marketing campaigns and generate high quality leads that convert to business at a faster rate.

Primary Business Objectives

Lake B2B has been in business for over 13 years with the objective of providing accurate global B2B database to companies irrespective of their sizes and revenues. Since then, over 450 clients have used our leads to reach prospects, acquire customers, and run marketing campaigns.

In 2011, we launched our first integrated data management suite, which allowed us to clean, manage, and sort customer data. After the big success this tool brought us, we added new modules to fetch data insights and reporting options.

Over the years, our forte remained improving customer delight by providing unique and tailor-made services to our clients. In 2012, we added new offices in four major cities. These global offices are helping us to keep a constant tab on every project, and cater to a wider audience than before.

With experience grows expertise. We’ve evolved over the years by constantly watching and analyzing trends, attending massive public/global business events and conferences, and holding a bird’s eye view of the global market. The contributions made by our ever-transforming teams of market and data experts have enabled us to conquer this field of B2B modeling and lead management services among several others.

Today, we are in a position to manage multiple client projects, possessing facilities to provide you with 24/7 services through our global delivery centers.

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Corporate Background

Since inception, Lake B2B has been at the forefront of data management services, list solutions, and customer data insights. We provide data centric solutions to a wide range of business-to-business companies. Our focus over the years has been on improving the efficiency of marketing campaigns, driving more revenue, and increasing profitability of sales and marketing teams in organizations.

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