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Email marketing has evolved, with deviceagnostic designs, tone of messaging, targeted messaging to a target audience, to a change in focus on segmentation. That's the reason why you need to be detail oriented in order to derive ROI from your email marketing initiatives.

Benefits of Using This Planner

With this planner, you can investigate, evaluate and organize your email marketing campaigns.

  • By recording Date and Time, you can find out the best period to send your campaigns and optimize results.
  • By recording Campaign Theme, Objective and Target Audience, you can create focused campaigns and tweak future plans by analyzing results.
  • By recording Email Link and Landing Page Link you and your team can get easy access for future reference.
  • By recording Author and Status you can track the status of campaigns and locate resources responsible for each task.
  • By A/B testing subject lines and design, you optimize results by choosing the option that works best.

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