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“Time is money, especially when you are talking to a lawyer or buying a commercial” – Frank Dane

So value your time and money, and let us at Lake B2B show you how! We have been serving clients for the last 13 years and can show them the right approach to do business and campaigns to lawyers, attorneys, solicitors and other legal practitioners. Our lawyer database is designed for geo-targeted campaigns and will offer data that is as per client business needs and campaign requirements. Developed with precision and in compliance to international standards our email lists of lawyers are structured, segmented and made easy-to-access for reaching legal practitioners at the most affordable rates. As marketers with services and products for lawyers and attorneys, here’s your chance to make your mark with our attorney email list.


How businesses gain with Lake B2B’s lawyer email list?

Legal practitioners always practice by specific fields and are often restricted by location. As a marketer therefore, you need a lawyers database that is developed keeping this pre-requisite in mind. Our attorney contact list as such offers clients the option to select data by different categories like:

  • Geography (country, state, city, region)
  • Area of practice
  • Associated law firm
  • Number of lawyers in law firms
  • Annual billing
  • Job title (Partner, shareholder, solicitor, counselor etc.)
  • License

Campaigning by category improves your legal prospects as your services are effectively and frequently showcased among those that have the means and interest to invest in your services. So don’t let incompetent databases or lack of proper planning keep your campaigns from success. With our mailing lists of lawyers, attorney and solicitors it’s time you start sealing deals with the right people.

Reach Targeted Audience with the Validated Email List of Lawyers

As legal professionals, lawyers and attorneys have a vital role to play in society. With our lawyer mailing address database as such, it’s cost-effective and convenient to reach lawyers on time and take your services global across the US, Canada, EMEA, Europe, APAC and more.

Who is a Lawyer?

A lawyer is a legal practitioner, who provides legal advice and assistance and even represents clients in a court of law, tribunals and administrative agencies. Depending on the state and type of practice they can be addressed as solicitors, attorneys, barristers etc. They often extend their services to performing extensive legal research for cases, drafting legal documents, offering counsel, and more.

Our attorney database can offer data on all legal specialties such as: Civil Practice, Copyright, Criminal, Divorce, Taxation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Intellectual Property, Family Law, Environment Law and more.

How businesses can leverage with the Attorneys mailing lists

Marketers often question the rationale behind investing in our lawyer email lists especially when they have the ideal services, a list of targeted audiences and even an existing marketing database. The answer is simple though significant – Data is dynamic; with approximately 25-30% business data getting obsolete annually marketers need an up-to-date, fresh and accurate attorney e-mail database to achieve results from their campaigns. That being said, it’s also true that database compilation is not easy. We at Lake B2B have the expertise and experience required to develop comprehensive lawyer mailing lists for clients and their multichannel campaigns. Our teams collate data from – bar associations, state license agencies, state court offices, niche/proprietary sources, surveys and feedback forms, disciplinary agencies, legal magazines and publications, bar examiners etc. before verifying, validating, cleansing and updating it to enrich data, making it ready to be used from the first day itself. So that’s why we recommend our clients to secure their custom-built lawyers email addresses!

B2B marketing after all is a systematic game. And if you are ready with the right tools, success is not too far away! So be proactive and get the lawyers mailing lists now!

Features and benefits of Lake B2B’s Lawyers email lists

Over the last 13 years, Lake B2B has been acknowledged by many as the one-stop- destination for exclusive, permission based lawyers databank, directory and email marketing lists. What makes our databases a league of their own is that we value our clients and ensure that through our databases, clients are able to justify their investments. Our attorney email lists have aided marketers to network with influential lawyers, up sell and cross sell their products and services, seal business deals, generate leads and acquire new customers, foster business growth and do more.

Salient Features
  • Exhaustive geo attorneys email lists with contact details of legal practitioners from US, Canada, Europe, UK, EMEA, APAC and other countries
  • 1.2 million phone calls per month as a part of data verification
  • 100% telephone and email verified databases
  • Quarterly SMTP and NCOA verified to keep data fresh and active
  • Regularly updated and cleansed lawyers email list to keep it free of duplicate and inaccurate dataa
  • Permission based email addresses for the attorneys email list to ensure that marketing messages reach genuine customers
  • 10 million verification messages sent every month to validate email addresses
  • Suitable for promoting products and services like business services offers, publications, high ticket gifts, financial services, networking etc. with our lawyer email addresses

So make sure that you don’t find excuses for failing at global marketing campaigns and in reaching targeted business decision makers. With our attorney mailing lists you will seldom have a reason not to succeed! So make haste and take action today!

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