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Identify your specialist registered nurse target audience in the location of your choice according to segmentation options such as Ambulatory Care, Burn Care, Case Management, Cardiac Care, Clinical Nurse, Critical Care, and more.

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Purchase Registered Nurses Email List That Guarantee High Conversion Rates

Increase your chances of response by targeting registered nurses by their specialty, certification, or region of choice. You can now develop a strong sales pipeline full of qualified nursing leads segmented by region, hospital affiliation, certification, number of beds, health deficiencies, health survey, provider residence in the hospital, quality measures, fire safety survey, EHR/EMR type, and penalties.

Anesthesiologist Marketin

Oncologist Marketing

Registered Nurses Engagement

Find contacts of the top registered nurses by their State, City, County, or even Zip Code.

If you deal in products or services that may make the lives of nurses easier, then you need to look any further. Get a highly customized and targeted list of registered nurses and engage with them with a clear understanding of their specialty, hospital affiliation, and degree of influence for more personalized messaging.

Anesthesiologist Jobs

Registered Nurses Salary

Registered Nurses Salary

From a database of over 4 million nurses, identify your TAM and target them efficiently.

We will empower you to promote registered nurses job openings to the leading nurses across the USA and even the world.

Come up with the best media plan and sales territory mapping using our physician databases and knowing the oncologists' Total Addressable Market (TAM).

FREE Lead Enrichment Trial for Registered Nurses

This service helps you add more relevant information to the list of registered nurses that you have chosen to target, with appending services including –

Accelerate Time to Market with data that gives 360-degree perspective and comprehensive understanding of the Oncology market segmentation and buyer engagements appending services like

  • Registered Nurses Direct Dial Data
  • Registered Nurses Email Addresses
  • Registered Nurses Data
  • Registered Nurses Postal Address Details
  • Registered Nurses Social Profile info
  • Registered Nurses Cookie Data Appending
  • Registered Nurses intent Data
  • Registered Nurses Info
  • Registered Nurses Email Data

Send us a file size of 50 records, and we will be happy to build an accurate sales-ready list of top Registered Nurses lead profiles.


Target the Most Relevant Registered Nurses Profile with a Clear Knowledge of Their Certification, Specialty, and Patientcare History.

With a database that includes nearly X registered nurses contacts, promote your products and services after matching intent with solutions. This includes your target audience’s pain-points, product affinity, and so on.

Carry out hyper-personalized registered nurses email campaigns based on solid technographic, behavioral, firmographic, and demographic data.

Generate qualified leads in the most lucrative markets based on the State, City, County, and even Zip Code. Lake B2B will customize your registered nurses email list with your desired specifications to help you draw new insights from it.

You will be able to build ideal customer profiles because of matching audience intent with your solutions. This can be further narrowed down based on EMR/EHR as well as provider residence and health deficiencies. This way, you will always target only the genuinely interested leads in your target market.

Lake B2B lead data experts will help you build an ideal Oncologist audience database based on the number of beds in the hospital and EHR/EMR type in use. Narrow down your Oncologist research with Lake B2B’s data mining team by filtering Oncologist records based on licensed beds, staffed beds, ICU beds, post-anesthesia details, and more valuable insights.

Anesthesiologist email records

For a Highly Accurate and Target-Ready Sales CRM, Get Lake B2B’s Verified Registered Nurses Database

With the help of proprietary and in-house technology, Lake B2B will offer you rich insights into various registered nurses contacts. Not only that, but you will also be able to append information by matching email addresses, phone numbers, hospital details, and more. In like manner, over 200 data attributes can be appended, thereby useful for prospect engagement and sales qualification.

Moreover, the Registered Nurses View and Identity Match services will further enable you to match your registered nurses contacts with technology adoption, insurance pyor intelligence, and other helpful parameters for more precision targeting. This Match feature will help you run direct mailer campaigns as well as conduct cross-selling and upselling campaigns to further engage and convert registered nurses.

Lake B2B’s data experts will help you build a hot sales pipeline full of ripe leads waiting to be nurtured.

Demonstrate before registered nurses how your product or course will help them advance in their career.

  • You can also select certain registered nurses contact and target them with information on how your offerings can professionally improve their life.
  • Invite registered nurses to join your referral marketing program, subscription, and membership with the help of verified and personalized email marketing.
Category Total Counts
Midwife Nurse Marketing Email List4256
Allergy / Immunology Nurse Marketing Email List6458
Ambulatory Care Nurse Marketing Email List3517
Neurology Nurse Marketing Email List13,260
Orthopaedic Nurse Marketing Email List6835
Reproductive Health Nurse Marketing Email List4797
School Nurse Marketing Email List6600
Adolescent Medicine Nurse Marketing Email List3959
CategoryTotal Counts
Nurse Practitioners Marketing Email List6091
Cardiac Care Nurse Marketing Email List5405
Registered Nurse Marketing Email List3867
Nurse Manager Marketing Email List3768
Transplant Nurse Marketing Email List5771
Occupational Health Nurse Marketing Email List2552
Community Health Nurse Marketing Email List6271
Nurse Anaesthetists Marketing Email List2402

What to Look for Before Purchasing a List of Registered Nurses Records

Anesthesiologist email records

Find Reliable Registered Nurses Email Records with Claims Data Add-On and NPI Mapping

Rigorously verified and validated mailing list of registered nurses to help you launch personalized email marketing campaigns that engage relevant contacts. Being leaders in the Healthcare Care Providers (HCPs) data, Lake B2B enables the monetization of products and solutions all over the USA.

Anesthesiologist email records

Target All Kinds of Registered Nurses Based on Their Area of Specialization, Work Experience, or Certification

To your registered nurses mailing list, you can now add more insights for better NPI targeting. Hyper-personalize communication to registered nurses through primary, secondary, and tertiary specialties.

Frequently Asked Questions


Both automated and manual processes are used to double-check our data. We're so confident in our contact lists that we offer a 95 percent accuracy guarantee. If more than 5% of your emails bounce, you'll get credits to make up the difference.

Create an email list in minutes and download it as a.csv file right away! Both file types can be quickly and easily integrated into your CRM application. As a result, you can begin making new connections right away.

Emails, names, phone numbers, postal addresses, business titles, company, industry information, department information, fax numbers, revenue, and even employee information are all provided to help you make more valuable connections with your future business contacts.

The pricing depends upon the number of records you require and the number of data fields you want appended to your file. You own the list once you've placed your order. Our pricing is straightforward, and there are no additional charges for using the contacts we provide. There are no contracts or hidden fees. Whether you're a small start-ups or a large corporation you can get a list for the best bargains!

Our low-cost email list of registered nurses can be used for a variety of purposes. You can network by distributing a relevant journal or magazine, inviting a list of nurses to a community event, emailing leads who are likely to purchase your products, or conducting surveys. Promote items that this demographic is likely to use, such as medical supplies or scrubs. This nurse email list is a useful tool that has the accurate contact information you need, whether you're using it to market your business or network.

"As you can see, the registered nurses email list is a powerful tool for marketing your products and services. By targeting healthcare professionals through their inboxes, you are guaranteed to reach a large and relevant audience. If you're looking for a reliable, accurate, and up-to-date source of contact information for healthcare providers, look no further than LakeB2B’s registered nurses email list”

– Ann Mathew


"The nurses’ email list is a great resource for reaching out to potential customers in the healthcare industry. By targeting this audience, your marketing messages will be more likely to resonate and result in sales. If you’re looking for a reliable way to reach healthcare professionals, consider using LakeB2B’s nurses’ email list as part of your marketing strategy"

– John Pereira

Marketing VP

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