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Get up-to-date marketing information about radiologists located around the world, and let your marketing efforts shine. Generate sales-qualified leads effortlessly and beat your competitors.

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Revamp Your Marketing Strategies with a Radiologist’s Email Database That Delivers Exceptional Results

Our team of data experts meticulously audit the database. You do not have to worry about undelivered emails due to inaccurate information. Our data is 100% verified, business-relevant, responsive, and supports your data-driven efforts to the maximum.

Anesthesiologist Marketin

Physical Therapist Marketing

Radiologists Marketing Campaigns

Need the right buyers for your innovative product? Look no further than LakeB2B’s radiologists email database.

No need to spend time and resources compiling contact data from scratch!

Get instant access to 15K+ contacts gathered from reliable data sources like medical journals, trade shows, public records, business directories, government records, and more.

Our database is regularly updated to weed out obsolete data, and is thoroughly verified via phone and email. So, you can rest assured of high deliverability rates and more leads coming your way.

Anesthesiologist Jobs

Radiologists Job Opportunities

Do you offer job opportunities to radiologists? With our well-segmented radiologists email lists, you can communicate with the ideal candidates you want to hire.

We segment our contact database on specialty, location, hospital affiliation, and years of experience.

With these pre-divided subgroups, you can derive deep data insights and enhance your marketing messages to attract the finest radiologists.

Not only do we help you target current prospects, but we can also empower you to create a roadmap for when your company’s offerings evolve in the future. Get in touch with us to uncover your Total Addressable Market (TAM) and see where you can expand your reach.

Get Your FREE Radiologists Lead Enrichment Trial

Send us 50 records, and our data experts will enrich your existing list with the following appending services:

Crank up time to market with data that gives 360-degree perspective and comprehensive understanding of the Physical Therapy market segmentation and buyer engagements with data appending services like:

  • Radiologists Email Address Info
  • Radiologists Phone Number Data
  • Radiologists Data
  • Radiologists Postal Addresses
  • Radiologists Intent Data
  • Radiologists Social Media Address
  • Radiologists Business Cookie Data

Send us a file size of 50 records, and we will be happy to build an accurate sales-ready list of top Physical Therapist lead profiles.


Find the top radiologists across the world and expand your company’s reach effortlessly

Radiologists specialize in imaging and diagnostics and are sought-after in hospitals, public health centers, diagnostic labs, and nursing homes. For you as a marketer, this means ample opportunity in the market to showcase your healthcare-related products and services.

To help you understand the field of radiology and the average radiologists’ field of work, LakeB2B has compiled extensive data pertaining to the field of radio-imaging and diagnostics.

With our database, you can access crucial firmographic and technographic information about imaging and diagnostics centers such as:

Make waves across the world with more than 15K records worth of global contact data

Anesthesiologist email records

Make waves across the world with more than 15K records worth of global contact data

Expand your healthcare equipment business worldwide with global contact data, organized by country, state, city, and zip code. Create precise geo targeted campaigns and take your brand to untapped markets where your competitors are yet to reach.

Connect with top radiologists across the US, Canada, UK, Europe, EMEA, Australia, APAC and many more countries.

Access key marketing information about your prospects such as:

Project Physical Therapists as community influencers and specialty caregivers based on location and treatment expertise.

  • Show them how your product and services can help them enhance patient care and radically transform patient outcomes.
  • Show selected Physical Therapists contacts how your product, service, or certification helps them grow professionally
  • Attract Physical Therapists by demonstrating how you can scale their career or increase compensation, revenues and profits.
  • Enroll Physical Therapists into your patient referral marketing, membership module, and affiliate marketing programs.
Category Total Counts
Radiology Specialist Mailing Lists 2694
Radiologists Email Database 4227
Pediatric Radiologists Email List 4902
Radiology Director Mailing List 4554
Interventional Radiologists Mailing List 2502
Radiologic Technologists Mailing List 3394
Diagnostic Medical Physicists Email List 4858
Radiologic Technologists Email List 4574
Category Total Counts
Radiology Hospital Mailing Addresses 2892
Radiology Director Mailing List 4518
Public Health Radiologists Email List 4198
Diagnostic Radiologists Email List 2725
Radiation Oncologists Mailing List 2236
Diagnostic Radiologist Mailing List 2063
Radiological Assistants Mailing List Radiological Assistants Mailing List

What To Look For Before Purchasing A List Of Radiologists’ Records?

Anesthesiologist email records

Data integrity and quality standards

Our data professionals strive to maintain high quality standards by ensuring:

Anesthesiologist email records

Procured from Reliable Sources

Lake B2B’s data experts source all data for your B2B database from 100% legal and reliable sources such as:

Frequently Asked Questions


Our radiologist email list provides you with a comprehensive picture of the people who work in radiology departments in both public and private institutions throughout the United States. By purchasing our Radiologist Email List data, you can obtain the contact information of recognized radiology professionals and market your medical imaging equipment and allied items.

Our data is double-checked using both automated and human processes. We're so confident in our contact lists that we guarantee them to be 95 percent accurate. You'll get credits to make up the difference if more than 5% of your emails bounce.

Create an email list in minutes and download it as a.csv file right away! Both file types can be quickly and easily integrated into your CRM application. As a result, you can begin making new connections right away.

Emails, names, phone numbers, postal addresses, business titles, company and industry information, department information, fax numbers, revenue, and even employee information are all provided to help you make more valuable connections with your future business contacts.

You own the list once you've placed your order. Our pricing is straightforward, and there are no additional charges for using the contacts we provide. There are no contracts or hidden fees. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, we charge the same low price!

"By working closely with Lake B2B we were effectively able to market our products and service, by identifying the right radiologist profiles and communicating with them in a way that resonates and strikes a chord with them. Lake B2B's radiologists' email lists proved to be an excellent way to connect with this specialized group. We were able to target radiologists. with relevant content, by cultivating relationships to promote our products and services more effectively."

– Heber Dent

Marketing Ops Manager

"Traditionally, our businesses have relied on print advertising in medical journals or mailed postcards to get our marketing messages in front of physicians and healthcare providers. However, with Radiologist targeted email lists from Lake B2B, we were able to target radiologists quickly and easily with relevant information that will resonate with them – more cost effectively”

– Stanice Grant

Marketing Analyst

"We enjoyed working with the Lake B2B on a list that identified the skills of the recipient versus just what company or market they represented. Regular feedback ensured we were getting the desired impact and they replaced the leads that did not meet that goal."

– Steve Peterson

VP, Marketing & Channel

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