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Achieve high deliverability and campaign success with tested and verified commercial contact data intelligence of physicians and allied healthcare providers.

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*Last Updated : November 14, 2023

Want to Improve 10X Sales Using Physician Email Lists?

Build your Physician sales pipeline with accurate physician records categorized by region, specialty and healthcare provider insights.

Anesthesiologist Marketin

Physician Marketing

Physician Database with Hospital Insights

We can facilitate you with precision targeted email marketing, online advertising, and social media marketing campaigns if you are an agency or marketer looking to promote your services to physicians.

Anesthesiologist Jobs

Physician Jobs

Find Physician Job Seeker Contacts and Emails

Find proficient physician records to promote your job vacancies. From over 5 Million+ verified and vetted physician profiles, select top physicians working in the USA and the rest of the world.

Strategize the best media plan and sales territory mapping using our physician data repositories and insights into the physicians' Total Addressable Market (TAM).

Get Free Lead Enrichment with Physician Email Datasets

Load your CRM with accurate physician data.

Step up time to market with data that provides a 360-degree view and all-round understanding of the Physician market segmentation and buyer engagements with appending services like:

  • Physician Postal Addresses info
  • Physician Email Datasets
  • Physician Phone Numbers
  • Physician Technographic Data
  • Physician Affinity and Interest
  • Physician Social Media Info
  • Physician Business Performance Data

Share a file size of 50 records with us, and we will be pleased to build an accurate sales-ready list of top physician lead profiles.


Physician Email Records for Marketing Automation

Narrow in on Every Physician Profile that’s Ideal for Promoting Your Products and Services

Garner detailed intelligence about 5 Million+ physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and allied healthcare providers to zero in and engage with the right providers. Learn about top hospital and physician group connections, the most commonly prescribed drugs by NDC code, and more.

Launch bespoke physician email outreach based on demographic, behavioral, firmographic, and technographic data.

Find physicians in specific regions based on your targeting – Zip codes, States, County, Country and more.

Deploy your custom physician database by plunging into the type of nursing home or hospital they are currently employed with and the type of surgical procedures and insurance coverage affiliations.

Anesthesiologist email records

How to Load an Accurate Database of Physicians in Your Sales CRM

Lake B2B uses in-house and proprietary technology to match current, updated, and relevant professional emails with relevant insights. Through our Physician View and Identity Match, we further match these physician profiles with postal address, technology adoption insights and 300+ attributes which you can choose to narrow down your target physician specialist audience. Using our physician emails match, our Database Building Specialists can help you run direct mailer campaigns and online cross-channel marketing automation campaigns.

Lake B2Bs lead generation data experts will help you build an excellent pipeline of physician contacts.

Connect with physician using their direct dials and postal mailing addresses to personalize your communication:

Project physicians as community influencers and specialty caregivers based on location and treatment expertise.

  • Show them how your product, solutions and services can help them enhance patient care and radically transform patient outcomes.
  • Show selected physician contacts how your product, service or certification helps them grow professionally.
  • Attract physicians by showcasing how you can scale their career or increase compensation, revenues and profits.
  • Enroll physicians into your patient referral marketing, membership module and affiliate marketing programs.

What to Look for Before Procuring a List of Physician

Anesthesiologist email records

Dependable USA physician email records with NPI targeting and claims data mapping

We provide more accurate primary and secondary specialty designations by integrating our primary research with data from the NPI registry. With data on primary, current, and historical affiliations with other healthcare institutions, pinpoint physician CME needs.

Anesthesiologist email records

Market to different types of physician titles based on certification and experience

Physician belongs to a fascinating clinical specialty that falls into various categories. In our database, you'll find various Physician specialty contacts who our Physician email marketing team experts may then channel to run your campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions


With our stringent data cleansing, enrichment, and appending solutions finding an error is locating a needle in a haystack. Still, if your find some errors that you can bring to our notice, we will be more than willing to provide your credits back for the erroneous contacts.

The price of your dataset varies according to the size of the database, the number of records, and the custom fields you intend to include for your dataset. We can rest assured that you can get the best bargains in the marketplace – with us.

We can help you append missing information on your contact lists with forwarding append and reverse append services. Along with appending, we help you standardize the entire dataset for you. Our appending services help you add a company name, address, contact name, title, gender, phone number, fax number, website URL, SIC codes, sales volume, employee size, and links to social handles.

We have an extensive repository of data that goes over a few million records for each category. Mapping and appending your files and getting your file appended may take a couple of minutes to a few hours. The TAT also depends on the file size you want to append.

There can be one-off cases where the data fields you have asked to append did not match with any of our records within our datasets, including our master database. As a result, you may have a couple of records that could not be appended.

"Though we were a cutting edge healthcare equipment manufacturer, we were unable to penetrate global markets with our product line and services with our in-house capabilities. This was when we partnered with Lake B2B, and we were able to build our visibility exponentially by fueling our sales pipelines with global MQLs. Lake B2Bs strong customer focus is greatly appreciated”

– Ash Davis

Key Accounts Manager

"Our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), TeleHealth, and Cloud-based Health Information Exchange (HIE) solutions were built with a lot of heart and soul. Though we were in the nascent stage of building our enterprise, we were able to make our presence felt in the domestic and international markets – thanks to Lake B2B's marketing support and growth marketing experts."

– Laura Peters

Product Development

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