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Narrow down on your optometrist targets by knowing the EMR & HER in use, optometry software currently in use and affinity for eye care solution products.

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*Last Updated : September 17, 2023

Time to Drive 10X Conversions Using a Verified List of Optometrists and Optometrist Email Lists

Target optometrist contacts and optometrist profiles by country, state, county or city to deliver region specific personalized campaigns. Project them as local influencers for their community by running campaigns knowing their postal address and local community influence.

Anesthesiologist Marketin

Physician Marketing

Optometrist Marketing Campaigns

Gain optometrist profiles classified by state, speciality and region. Get accurate optometrist database if you are upselling eyeware, contact lenses, lasik surgery, post eye surgery care and more such solutions to patients, look no further. Get segmented optometrist profiles database of targeted geographies.

Anesthesiologist Jobs

Optometrist Job Opportunity

Target optometrists searching online for optometrist jobs.

Reach out to experienced optometrists from a database of 4 Million+ verified physicians to promote your optometrist job opportunity to top optometrist contacts in the USA and globally.

Using the optometrist database of leads, optometrist email IDs and Total Addressable Market (TAM) coverage, device the best media plan knowing the exact number of orthopedic surgeons to whom you can pitch your offering.

Get Free Trial: Optometric Database Lead Enrichment

Add More Relevant Information to Your Email List of Optometrists and Contacts. Revive Outdated Optometrists Lists and Further Top it Up with NPI, Postal Address, Direct Dial, Social Profiles and More Targeting Related Information of Your Leads.

  • Optometrists Postal Address Appending
  • Optometrists Email Address Appending
  • Optometrists Phone Number Appending
  • Optometrists Technographic Data Appending
  • Optometrists Intent Data Appending
  • Optometrists Social Media Profile Appending
  • Optometrists Social Media Profile Appending

Accurate Optometrists Email Database for Optometrist ABM Campaigns


Accurate Optometrists Email Database for Optometrist ABM Campaigns

Target Every Optometrist Profile Knowing their Affiliation with Eye care and Eyewear Brand or by Their Healthcare Clinic Brand.

Reach out to the right optometrist contacts using our database that includes optometrists who have intent for your offering. Use this verified and consent-based marketing database to narrow down on those matching your offering, problem solving and product affinity.

Launch personalized optometrist targeted personalized email campaigns based on demographic, behavioral and firmographic and technographic data.

Target optometrist profiles based on specific locations which you consider as your best markets – Zip codes, States, County, Country and more. We make it easy to build optometrist email lists with custom fields that include the type of nursing home or hospital they are currently employed with and the type of insurance coverage affiliations, prescriptions intelligence and more.

Lake B2B lead data experts will help you build an ideal database of optometrists with matching intent for your offerings. We can further drill down to your ideal profiles based on the number of eye testing units, optometrist related infrastructure, revenues from optometric specialty for the hospital and more useful insights.

Anesthesiologist email records

Load Database of Verified Optometrists to Ensure Sales CRM is Accurate and Target Ready

Lake B2B’s in-house and proprietary technology helps you add more information about your optometrist prospects. With the surgeon list of names with speciality and email IDs, now you can also add or append the matching phone numbers, postal addresses, hospital details and more. Match current, updated workplace and designation and add 200+ data attributes that are helpful for sales qualification and engaging with optometrists.

Through our Physician View and Identity Match we further match these optometrist records with correct insurance pyor intelligence, technology adoption insights and more useful parameters which you can choose to narrow down your target optometric specialist audience data. Using our optometric emails match, our Database Building Specialists can help you run direct mailer campaigns as well as online cross-channel marketing automation campaigns to engage with paying optometrist audiences.

Build a Targeting Pipeline of Optometrist Contacts Enabled by Lake B2B Lead Generation Specialists.

Connect with optometrists using their social media profiles and voicemail to personalize your communication:

  • Project optometrists as influencers of the local community by knowing their geography, hospital and branch details.
  • Show optometrist contacts how your product, service or certification can help them professionally.
  • Attract optometrists by demonstrating how you can scale their revenue and profits.
  • Enroll optometrists into your patient referral marketing, membership through personalized email marketing using our verified orthopedic surgeons email database.

What to Look for Before Buyinga List of Optometrists Records

Anesthesiologist email records

Reliable USA optometrists email records with NPI mapping and claims data add-on

Trusted optometrist email records and emails for kick starting your email marketing campaigns to engage orthopedic surgeon contacts. We are leaders in Healthcare Care Providers (HCP) data and enabling monetization of products and solutions in the USA.

Anesthesiologist email records

Target to different types of optometrist titles based on certification and experience

Build your accurate optometrist email lists and add more insights about optometrist NPI targeting. Personalize communication to orthopedics using primary, secondary and tertiary specialities and more.

Anesthesiologist email records

Use optometrist database with intelligence of affiliate programs and product affinity

Transform your optometrist audience’s patient record keeping technology and IT modernization needs. Gain insights on affinity for optometric solutions by analyzing the scale of their operations to upsell your offerings.

Anesthesiologist email records

Know whether optometrist email marketing & media plans are mapped to the right email IDs

Know the exact number of optometrist leads in your target market and engage them with a ROI focused market plan by deploying optometrist email records. Elevate your inbox deliverability rate to attract relevant optometrist audience clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions


With our stringent data cleansing, enrichment, and appending solutions finding an error is locating a needle in a haystack. Still, if your find some errors that you can bring to our notice, we will be more than willing to provide your credits back for the erroneous contacts.

The price of your dataset varies according to the size of the database, the number of records, and the custom fields you intend to include for your dataset. We can rest assured that you can get the best bargains in the marketplace – with us.

We can help you append missing information on your contact lists with forwarding append and reverse append services. Along with appending, we help you standardize the entire dataset for you. Our appending services help you add a company name, address, contact name, title, gender, phone number, fax number, website URL, SIC codes, sales volume, employee size, and links to social handles.

We have an extensive repository of data that goes over a few million records for each category. Mapping and appending your files and getting your file appended may take a couple of minutes to a few hours. The TAT also depends on the file size you want to append.

There can be one-off cases where the data fields you have asked to append did not match with any of our records within our datasets, including our master database. As a result, you may have a couple of records that could not be appended.

"The optometrist email list has been a valuable resource for our company. The optometrists on the list are interested in learning about new products and services, and they are willing to share their opinions with us. We have been able to use this information to improve our marketing strategy.”

– Ann Mathew

Strategy Head

"The optometrist email list was a great resource for us because it helped us to target a specific audience. We were able to reach out to optometrists and provide them with information about our products. In addition, the list allowed us to track how many of the optometrists on our list actually converted into customers. This data was very beneficial in helping us to improve our marketing strategy"

– Nadia GomezPeters


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