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Access verified contact information about nurse practitioners segmented by specialty, like cardiac care, oncology, geriatrics, pediatrics, and many more.

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Boost sales leads and conversion rates with our Nurse Practitioners Email Lists Today!

Target nurse practitioner profiles by type of specialty, years of experience, and geolocation to accelerate your email response rates.

Derive deep data insights with our well-segmented email lists and reach out to your prospects with highly personalized marketing messages to increase engagement rates like never before.

Anesthesiologist Marketin

Nurse Practitioner Engagement

Do you provide a product or a service designed to help nurse practitioners? Our nurse practitioners email lists can help take your brand to relevant prospects.

Get a well-segmented list of nurse practitioners and create personalized marketing campaigns with ease.

Anesthesiologist Jobs

Nurse practitioner Recruitment

Find nurse practitioners researching salary and job openings.

Reach out the finest nurse practitioners from a database of 4.6 million+ verified healthcare profiles.

We can help you promote your nurse practitioners job opportunities to top nurses in the USA and globally.

Come up with the best media plan and sales territory mapping using our physician databases and knowing the oncologists' Total Addressable Market (TAM).

Get a Free Sample of Nurse Practitioners Email List

Add relevant information to your list of nurse practitioners, with 75+ data fields to give you deeper insights with appending services like.

Accelerate Time to Market with data that gives 360-degree perspective and comprehensive understanding of the Oncology market segmentation and buyer engagements appending services like

  • Nurse practitioner Postal Address info
  • Nurse practitioner Email Address data
  • Nurse practitioner Data Reverse Appending
  • Nurse practitioner Phone Number data
  • Nurse practitioner Technographic Data
  • Nurse practitioner Intent Data Appending
  • Nurse practitioner Social Media Profiles
  • Nurse practitioner Business Cookie Data
  • Nurse Practitioner Data

Send us a file size of 50 records, and we will be happy to build a reliable, sales leads database of nurse practitioners.


Oncologist Email Records for Marketing AutomationLake B2B Compiles Data From Trusted And Verifies Sources So That You Can Get Instant Access To Actionable Marketing Information About Your Healthcare Contacts.

Along with the full names, specialty and email IDs, now you can also add or append the matching phone numbers, postal addresses, years of experience, and many more data fields like. You can also access relevant information about affiliated hospitals and nursing facilities like:

Number of beds, provider resides in hospital, health deficiencies, health survey, fire safety survey, quality measures, penalties, EHR/EMR types.

Using our vast repository of nurse practitioner contact data, our Database Building Specialists can help you run email marketing campaigns as well as multi-channel marketing campaigns to broaden your horizons and engage your audience in the best way possible.

Project nurse practitioners as influencers of the local community by knowing their specialty, location, hospital, and branch details.

Show nurse practitioners how your product and services can help build trust and establish their reputation in the healthcare industry.

Anesthesiologist email records

Get Instant Access to a Well-Vetted Nurse Practitioners Email Database and Lower Your Cost of Customer Acquisition

Our database includes more than 40,000 nurse practitioner profiles who are interested in products similar to yours. Leverage this nurses’ database and email list to precisely target those surgeon profiles that match your buyers’ persona. So, why spend time and resources on building an email list from scratch?

Lake B2B’s data experts procure privacy compliant data from reliable sources like medical journals, yellow pages, trade shows, direct meetings, public directories and records, government agencies and more.

Connect with Oncologist using their direct dials and postal mailing addresses to personalize your communication:

Project Oncologists as community influencers and specialty caregivers based on location and treatment expertise.

  • Show them how your product and services can help them enhance patient care and radically transform patient outcomes.
  • Show selected Oncologist contacts how your product, service, or certification helps them grow professionally.
  • Attract oncologists by demonstrating how you can scale their career or increase compensation, revenues and profits
  • Enroll Oncologists into your patient referral marketing, membership module, and affiliate marketing programs.
Category Total Counts
Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Contact List3,831
Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Email List4,422
Psychiatric Mental Health NPs Database6,895
Cardiology Nurse Practitioner Email List6,060
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Emails4,805
Cardiac Nurse Practitioners Emails3,959
Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner Contact List3,232
Child Psychiatric Nurses Email List3,039
CategoryTotal Counts
Gerontological NPs Mailing List2,837
Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Emails1,916
Oncology Nurse Practitioner Contact List5,630
Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Email List4,930
Women’s Health NPs Email List2,516
Dermatology Certified NPs Emails3,266
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners Email List3,599
Acute Care Nurse Practitioners Email List4,862

What to Look for Before Buying a Nurse Practitioner Email List?

Anesthesiologist email records

Verified email records with NPI mapping and add-on data

Ensure smooth sailing of your marketing campaigns with 100% accurate marketing information. We are leaders in Healthcare Care Providers (HCP) data and enabling monetization of products and solutions in the USA.

Anesthesiologist email records

Reach out to different types of nurse practitioner titles based on specialty.

Personalize communication to nurse practitioners using primary, secondary and tertiary specialties and more.

Frequently Asked Questions


Nurse practitioners, or NPs, are among the most highly qualified nurses in the health-care industry, with the ability to diagnose and treat chronic and acute illnesses, as well as write prescriptions and provide a variety of services. Nurses often need years of experience as well as a lot of education to become nurse practitioners. When it comes to medical products and supplies, they are an important group to contact.

Promote your pharmaceutical or medical supplies, care product, over-the-counter vitamin or solution, or other important product to the dedicated nurses who assist in the healing of a wide range of patients. This email list of nurse practitioners can assist you in marketing a product that treats chronic and acute illnesses, such as arthritis and colds.

Lake B2B's dedication to superior data quality is unrivaled in the industry. When it comes to meeting the diverse data needs of healthcare marketers, no one can match our ability to deliver. Our Nurse Practitioners Database is the ideal blend of accurate and responsive data for delivering successful B2B healthcare marketing campaigns via email, direct mail, and phone.

Because we don't let any data into our database, we are able to provide the best marketing data to our clients. We collect information from reputable sources such as medical directories, seminars, online subscription forms, websites, healthcare magazines, journals, market surveys, conferences, and trade shows, among others.

To assist clients in customizing their list of prospects based on their targeted group, the Nurse Practitioner database has been segmented into different selects such as geography, job title, gender, specialty, qualification, and more. Recruiters, medical suppliers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare marketers, and others will benefit from Lake B2B's nurse practitioner email addresses list.

"Lake B2B's customer service has always been superior, and the quality of the data has always been top-notch. Their data has helped us increase our ROI to a considerable extent. We would highly recommend Lake B2B for anyone in the market looking out for medical and healthcare data.”

– James Pulton

Data Specialist

"Our CME office has been closely working with Lake B2B for over 2 years now and is more than delighted with the friendly customer service, quality, efficiency, and the reliability of the data. Also, the datasets are available at competitive prices and the best bargains. Lake B2B can be your go-to destination for anyone looking to improve their marketing strategies!"

– Edward Noble

Marketing Director

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