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Target accountant leads across channels using sub-specialty categories such as forensic, cost, project, investment, management, and more.

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*Last Updated : November 14, 2023

Get Ten-Fold Conversions Using Our Accountants Email List

Target the most relevant leads through Account Based Marketing, segmenting them on the basis of the geographical region, years of work experience, type of practice, and more.

Find rich insights into your target audience by digging down as deep as you can through precision targeting.

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Accountants Engagement

Target sales-qualified accountant leads by State, City, County, and Zip Code.

If you deal in products or services whose main focus is to make accountants’ lives easier, rely on us to help you get your marketing message across to the right audience.

Interact and engage with accountants through knowing their place of practice, degree of influence in their region, and more. Build hyper-personalized marketing campaigns.

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Accountants Recruitment

Get in touch with accountants who are looking for relevant job opportunities. Also, find those who are comparing salaries online.

Lake B2B’s global master database will help you connect with nearly 2 million accountants across the world.

Launch job opening ads before relevant accountant leads residing in the US or other regions of the world.

With us, you can know the precise number of accountant leads that will fall within your marketing radar through the Total Addressable Market (TAM) coverage service. We will also help you map out your media plans with the right contacts for marketing.

Gain FREE Access to Lead Enrichment Trial of Accountant Records

By availing our appending services listed below, you will be able to add more relevant information to your existing accountants email database to ensure better campaign performance. This includes :

  • Accountants Email Address
  • Accountants Direct Dial Info
  • Accountants Reverse Data Appending
  • Accountants Intent Data
  • Accountants Postal Addresses
  • Accountants Business Cookie Data
  • Accountants Social Media Profiles
  • Accountants Technographic Info

Send us a file size of 50 records, and we will be happy to build an accurate sales-ready list of top Accountant lead profiles.


Lake B2B’s Accountants Database Will Significantly Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs (CACs)

Know all accountant profiles’ work experience, degree of influence, type of practice, and more before targeting each using hyper-personalized messages.

Our accountants email list can help you connect with nearly 1.5 million top accountant leads across the world. These leads will be chosen based on their purchase intent after matching their needs and pain-points with your offerings.

We cover different kinds of data such as technographic, firmographic, demographic, and behavioral to help you with marketing personalization.

Get a highly customized accountants email list, thoroughly segmented based on the State, City, Town, County, and even Zip Code. We will help you find the exact number of leads along with the most lucrative markets.

Besides this, our data experts will also drill it down further by letting you target accountants based on sub-specialties.

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Develop a Sales Pipeline That is Brimming to the Full with Relevant Leads and Get Your Sales CRM Target-Ready

Lake B2B houses such technology (both in-house and proprietary) that will help you get in touch with top accountant profiles across the US and the world. You can have our team compile a fresh database for you or append your existing database with the relevant fields such as postal address, email address, phone number, and more. Nearly 200 such data attributes can be appended easily.

We also offer the Accountant View and Identity Match services, wherein our data experts use different useful parameters. This way, you will be able to run direct mailers as well as other cross-channel marketing campaigns to attract, engage, and convert top leads.

A high-value sales pipeline can be developed in a jiffy with Lake B2B!

Personalize your communication to accountants through email, social media, and voicemail.

  • Let accountant leads know how exactly your products and services can help them advance in their career.
  • In case of independent practitioners, let them know how your offerings can improve their business seamlessly.
  • Get accountants enrolled into your referral marketing programs as well as various memberships by launching hyper-personalized email marketing campaigns.
  • Invite accountants to events where you demonstrate how they can build reputation in the market using your help.
CategoryTotal  Counts
Fiduciary Accountant Email List6,258
Accounting Clerk Email Lists11,850
Forensic Accountants Database11,084
Staff Accountant Mailing Lists3,865
Staff Accountants Database10,273
Management Accountant Lists11,464
Project Accountants Email Lists21,027
Project Accountants Email Database17,523
Forensic Accountants Contacts5,957
Tax Professionals Email List4,728
Cost Accountants Database5,615
Auditors Email Lists10,510
CategoryTotal Counts
Management Accountant Email Lists21,240
Sales Tax Service Mailing Lists7,141
Investment Accountants Email Lists16,815
Investment Accountant Mailing Lists2,606
Tax Professionals Email Lists6,569
Auditors Email List Contact Data18,003
Certified Public Accountants Email List7,059
Government Accountant Database18,207
Public Accountants Email Lists21,143
Industrial Accountant Email Lists7,204
Project Accountants Mailing Lists13,165
Financial Advisors Contact Data3,376

What to Look for before Buying a Record of Top Accountant Leads

Anesthesiologist email records

Segment Your Database and Target All Kinds of Accountant Leads

There is a wide range of segmentation options available for you. These include work experience, credentials, geo-location, and more. Precision targeting is now well within your reach.

Anesthesiologist email records

Match Your Accountants Email List with the Right Email IDs

Map out a media plan that includes the right accountant contacts aligned with their accurate email IDs for hyper-personalized communication. This way, see higher conversions, build a top sales pipeline, see better inbox deliverability as well as improved lead engagement rates.

Frequently Asked Questions


We have a team of data researchers who are in charge of collecting records for our accountants’ mailing list from reliable sources like journals, trade shows, and conferences. Our CPA email list includes all of the necessary B2B contact information for potential clients all over the world.

Lake B2B uses strict verification and validation procedures to avoid using outdated CPA contact information, ensuring greater than 95% accuracy and deliverability. You can customize the records in our CPA email marketing lists to meet the campaign's requirements and reach the right audience.

We can assist you in filtering records based on your business needs. Tell us what you need, and we'll help you find the right data for a successful B2B campaign. Our CPA mailing list adheres to all customer data privacy laws, including GDPR, CCPA, Anti-Spam, and CAN-Spam.

You can easily connect with potential customers from all over the world who are most likely to buy from you using our CPA email lists. Accounting requirement and expertise and experience is expected to increase by 10% in the next five years due to the high demand for CPAs both domestically and internationally. This upward trend will help you market your products or services in this market.

Our team assists you in creating the most precise list possible by identifying the prospects who require your most recent products or services. Take advantage of our accountant email list, which is tailored to your specific requirements. You can get your message across to the people who matter with our accountant emails.

“Most people know that you can bank on Lake B2B's accountant email list to provide you with high-quality leads. But do you know why? It's because their list is constantly updated and segmented by industry, allowing you to target your ideal clients with laser precision. Plus, their lists are 100% opt-in, so you can be sure that the leads you receive are quality contacts who are genuinely interested in learning more about your services.”

– Elisabeth Clark

Product Delivery Manager

“Lake B2B knows that when it comes to email lists, accountants are a goldmine. Accountants are always looking for new ways to keep their businesses growing, and they're always in need of new products and services to help them do so. Lake B2B has put together this accountant email list to us – and it has made it easy for us to reach out to this valuable market and start building relationships with them.”

– Hanna Wilson

Marketing Lead

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