Resiliency in times of uncertainty

“A message from top management of Lake B2B to the customers, stakeholders, and valuable employees.”

Our actions towards the betterment of our employees, customers, and stakeholders are a testimony to the fact that we care for them in the present devastating times of Covid-19 crisis. We have taken actionable steps to streamline their work while simultaneously accelerating the timely delivery of services. We are not leaving a single stone unturned to elevate our performance amidst the current times hit by the Covid-19 crisis.

It’s so sudden and so unfortunate and no one contemplated this massive avalanche of uncertainty that has caused such enormous havoc to the businesses of the world. But at these times of devastation, we can only hope for things to get better and faster if we stick to resiliency. The following are the actionable steps that we have taken to keep our operations unaffected and our work better than ever.

In this letter to you, we want to assure you how we are planning to make use of our resources in times of crisis and help the data-driven industry to work their usual way around call centers and VPN centers and other networking modes.

Global working standards for streamlining operations

We have crafted an enterprise-wide plan to let operations flow smoothly. Our team leaders meet each other and other global leaders to discuss the perfect processes in place and mitigate any risks associated with our business.

Communicating the best practices during these times

Our business relies on interaction, communication with our employees, customers, stakeholders, vendors, and so on. During times of crisis, we have added extra layers of VPN networking, additional bandwidth, and communication infrastructure to avoid any disruptions in communications. We aim at remaining fully functional, at our best and not compromise in any way in providing the best quality services to our employees.

Plan and handle the crisis effectively

With the right mix of data, technology, and people, we are rapidly evolving to the needs of today’s crisis stuck world. We are rolling out new solutions, better networking options to manage the increased demand effectively.

Maintaining calm and a positive attitude

Well, let’s not be misled. Maintaining resiliency doesn’t mean having a positive attitude during adverse times. It just means to face things with a positive mindset and do the best we can to save ourselves and anyone associated with us. With our confined lives, it’s essential to talk and stay connected, but right now, only the virtual world exists, and so do we.

Let’s stick to the ability to thrive in times of change and uncertainty – change your world, change the way you work, and you can start building your resilience today. As a data-driven organization, we strongly believe in the digital world and the safety of our employees, customers, stakeholders.

Gautam Mane

VP - Partnerships and Data Acquisition