How a Media Company increased Training
Enrolments for a Canadian Enterprise by 40X

"We've run campaigns for our clients previously but this is the first time we decided to take a 360 degree approach to ensure results. With Lake B2B’s consent-based data we’ve been able to increase engagement and leads ratio for one of our biggest client’s online training programs like never before. Their custom-built data offerings are a must try for result-focused campaigns."

Dora Nathan,
Media Relations Head

Industry : Media Industry
Location: Canada


Campaign engagement increased by 46%


Confirmed training enrolments up by 68%


80X increase in Campaign ROI


The client is Canada's largest business-to-business media company with over 60+ B2B brands as part of their client portfolio. They help businesses in building a brand presence and connect with their core target audience through print, news websites, enews, events, video, and social media.



Our client had signed up for a year-long deal with a top B2B training company to boost their client’s digital marketing presence along with increased training enrolments. The contract had a fixed guarantee on the number of training enrolments. Results from the first quarter were alarming; their client had given hints about terminating the contract if results failed to improve. Our client approached us for a strategy on how to fix this challenge as their biggest hurdle was to communicate with the target audience who were niche manufacturing titles from across Canada. Any communication or promotional content was possible only with complaint data.


Solutions Offered

Titles: Plant, Production and Plant Engineering and other Engineering Titles

Geography: Canada

Counts: 4,820 contacts with source links (to confirm the compliance)

Opt-in Campaign: To ensure 100 percent data compliance, we rolled out an opt-in campaign on behalf of the client


  • The client received a whopping response through their very first campaign
  • Campaign engagement increased by 46%
  • Confirmed training enrolments increased by 68%

Additionally the campaigns generated enquiries for their portfolio training suite that helped increase their ROI and strengthen their product pricing & strategy for the next quarter


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