How Lake B2B Digitally Drove up 500% Qualified Leads with its Conversational AI Outbound Voice Bot-as-a-Service

Solution Equivalent was Equivalent to Deploying a 24×7 Sales Support Team

The Outbound Voice Support Provided as Many Leads Equivalent to a 100-People Support

Speed of Qualifying the Best Sales Prospects Brought down the Leads-to-Conversion Ratio by 700%

Audience Targeting Criteria

Key decision-makers and C-level heads with the purchasing power and authority, belonging to the following industrial sectors :

TransportationJewelry and Watch-Making
MetallurgyMedical Device Manufacturing

Meet the Client

As a leading provider of microscopes and scientific instruments, the client company is mainly involved in preparing samples for lab testing, measuring, and analyzing microscopic structures. The company is a family-owned business whose bespoke and expert solutions have enabled them to become a global enterprise.

To better serve their clients, the company specializes in developing a tailor-made product in terms of

  • Microscope cameras
  • Light microscopes
  • Stereo microscopes and macroscopes
  • Digital microscopes
  • EM sample preparation products
  • Microscope software

The client had on their radar the key decision-makers and C-level heads of companies distributed across six different industrial sectors. And with a prospect list of over a million potential customers, the company was facing the huge problem of conducting timely tele-calls and follow-ups. It were not humanly possible for human agents to manually call so many prospects. As a result, the client’s outbound tactics suffered. Despite the market being so fertile, the client was not able to generate desired results.

There were no such problems with the client’s leads database. It was accurate, full of relevant and opt-in leads, and the client company followed frequent data hygiene practices to keep it robust and fresh.

To add to this problem, the client wanted to run rebate programs for which pre-qualification questions were to be asked to the prospects. Any delay meant that the client risked losing out on precious customers and revenue. The client company’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) approached the data experts of Lake B2B with a solution that addressed their outbound marketing issues, mainly surrounding pre-qualification questions for prospects, booking appointments, and resolving customer queries.

Lake B2B’S Answer and Impact: Outbound AI Sales Voicebot + Lead Data Solution

The data experts of Lake B2B decided to automate the entire outbound marketing process via the deployment of AI Outbound Voicebot for sales and customer journeys. This Voicebot completely streamlined the work of the marketing agents, making dedicated over 10,000 calls on a daily basis.

The bot booked appointments with the sales reps based on which customer was eligible for the rebate program. Not only that, the Voicebot was further optimized to make follow-up calls with the prospects and give them a score, helping sales agents know which prospects were the most interested in the program.

This way, Lake B2B’s data experts helped the client reach out to the entire serviceable market of prospects in their targeted geography/market. Our lead-gen experts started by loading a multi-tier-verified lead data into the client’s CRM and went on to set up a lead nurturing, qualification, and appointment setting journey that was previously absent.

The Client was Able to Deliver More Value to Clients as Lake B2B’S Outbound Sales AI Voicebot Took over the Entire Lead-Generation Process

This included –

  • Lead capture – talking to leads at specific times and at dedicated landing pages, learning more about them via data appends.
  • Lead qualification – asking leads who have engaged via email for pre-qualification questions, processing more leads within the same amount of time.
  • Lead nurturing – passing on the leads from one step to the other, be it to a human rep, an email capture, or sending some other content of interest.
  • Sales appointment setting – connecting relevant leads with sales agents to further the process towards sales.
  • Demo sign-ups – proposing to sign up to demos, newsletters, or product guides.
  • Webinar registrations – automating email or tele invites to events segmented for the audience based on their position in the sales funnel.
  • Sales follow-ups – automating email or tele follow-up notifications after a specific period of inactivity, reaching the leads before they turn cold.


Upon using the Voicebot for the entire lead generation process, the client was able to generate more qualified leads but they did so within a short span of time. In fact, of the total number of leads, around 20% had been generated within the first week itself.

Since sales reps did not have to spend time manually chatting or calling each prospect, they could dedicate time to creating more hyper-personalized experiences for the customers. Besides the time, telemarketing costs also went down by a whopping 50%. The Voicebot alone was like a 100-people army, faithfully making calls and automating other lead-gen processes for timely campaign deployment and follow-ups.
Finally, the client was able to gain competitive edge and most importantly, manage their massive prospect list with ease.

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