How a US-based Infant Care Brand Increased Revenue by 35% through E-mail Marketing

35% Increase in email campaign revenue

32% Increase in average email open rate

4.1% Increase in average click-through rate

1,280 newsletter subscriptions received

Industry :Healthcare (Infant-Care)
Location :California, USA
Challenges :Inability to retain, acquire and engage prospects and customers through email campaigns. Increase brand awareness and achieve profitability.
Solution :Hyper-personalized campaigns with a nurturing flow that address the core concerns of the target audience.

Meet the Client

The client company was founded in 2011 in California, United States. The founders have over 22 years of varied experience in developing and manufacturing medical products in a variety of healthcare settings, and 16 years of exclusive infant and pediatric clinical experience that ensures a spectacular product line focused on ensuring positive experiences for infants and their families.


Lack of quality data and integration.

The data repository was outdated and needed to be enriched with relevant and accurate insights.

Email campaigns rarely garnered any traction or leads.

Customer retention and acquisition were a big concern.

Looking to improve email personalization and increase brand awareness.


We began with an in-depth analysis of their campaign challenges. After identifying the threats and the opportunities, we shared a robust 3-month email campaign strategy with a nurturing plan to ensure seamless communication with leads and prospects.

114,473 pediatric professionals’ contacts were shared with the client.

The email campaigns were hyper-personalized keeping in mind the behavioral intent of the prospects.

There was a full-proof communication plan to ensure timely responses to leads and prospects.

We implemented a responsive design that automatically adapts emails to various screen sizes for mobile users.


The email campaigns boosted ROI by 35%

The average email open rate increased by 32%

The average click-through rate increased by 4.1%

1,280 newsletter subscriptions received

80% share of voice compared to a direct competitor

18% increase in lifecycle program audience

Remarkable increase in brand awareness & competitive advantage


  • 35% Increase in email campaign revenue
  • 32% Increase in average email open rate
  • 4.1% Increase in average click-through rate
  • 1,280 newsletter subscriptions received

Client Testimonial

“The email campaigns with Lake B2B were exactly what we were looking for. They have extensive expertise in email campaigns and contact data intelligence. We were able to identify our total addressable market and personalize our messaging that resonated with our core target audience. We are very delighted with the positive engagement and lead quality. The plan is to nurture prospects throughout the journey & identify the product areas that we could refine further as a means to ensure continuous growth.”

– Bob Martin – Head of Sales

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