Client Introduction:

The client is one of the major providers of healthcare services, primarily operating in areas such as de-addiction, counseling, and psychiatry.


The target groups the client had in mind were niche – mainly those medical professionals with licenses like CAC II and III, LAC, LCSW, and Psych NPs. This would include counselors for substance use disorder, psychiatrists, clinical nurses for mental health, social workers, and registered nurses for mental health. The target location was the US. The company’s sales and marketing teams wanted to reach out to a total of 168,288 contacts via email marketing campaigns to promote services such as counseling, addiction treatment, and psychiatric.


To have so many emails delivered on time and to ensure a high CTR on their campaigns, the client needed a highly accurate and relevant contact database that would facilitate the development of hyper-personalized conversations.


The client had availed of email listing services from a third-party data provider. The existing client database had covered a horde of core data fields. This data was used to carry out email marketing campaigns. However, the campaign response was far from satisfactory. Email bounce-backs were high; so were the spam rates. Plus, the CTOR and CTR rates were low, even for messages that did get delivered. The CAC was high, showing that such a marketing approach was not sustainable by any means.


Although losing competitive advantage was a stressor, what was even more alarming was that delays in strategic marketing could make sales cycles even more tedious, considering the nature of services the client offered. This was when the client contacted the data experts of Lake B2B to identify the hurdles and rectify the situation.

Cost-efficiency was among the top client requirements. However, the key challenge was to collate a massive database in record time and to make it so relevant that sales cycles could be shortened drastically. Doing so would naturally take care of a competitive edge.

A High-Performing Growth-Oriented Sales Leads Database Sought by the Client

The client wanted to connect with medical professionals with the following licenses


These would include:

Counselors for substance use disorder

Clinical nurses for mental health

Social workers

Registered nurses for mental health


Summarizing the Approach Taken by the Data Experts of Lake B2B to Give the Client What They were Looking for


The client had already approached Lake B2B with two specific requirements in mind – the geographic location of the target audience, which was the US, and credentials of the medical professionals, as mentioned above. Using these as a roadmap, a fresh database was collated. Out of Lake B2B’s global data repository, the relevant contacts were identified and included.


The client list was segmented properly to cater to each specialized medical professional with marketing conversations or content that might resonate well. This was mainly supported by information like Hospital Affiliation, addiction statistics, and the current scenario of counseling, psychiatric, and addiction services in the target audience’s state or city.


Additionally, Lake B2B ensured that the contacts held licenses such as LCMH, LCPC, LCP, LSW, MSW, Psych CNS, and Psych RN.

Lake B2B’s Data-Driven Marketing Solutions That Helped the Client Get Desired Results within the Shortest Timeframe

The data experts of Lake B2B stood up to the challenge that was entrusted to their expert care. Employing 15+ years of data expertise and experience, the old database was done way with, and a fresh customer contact database was compiled to ensure hyper-personalized email campaigns that would bring in high ROIs but most importantly, allow the client to reach out to relevant leads and address their pain-points in a timely manner.


  • The data was gathered from 100% genuine and legal sources. These included hospital directories, government records, public records, surveys, and more.
  • The chosen leads’ contact details were thoroughly verified via a seven-step verification process. This ensured there were no errors, duplicities, or blank fields that would lead to hard or soft bounces.
  • The database was made to comply with all standard data norms such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM to eliminate spam rates.
  • Data accuracy was kept at 100%, and email deliverability was ensured at least 95%.
  • Over 110 core data fields were covered, including Hospital or Medical Professional’s Name, Gender, Credentials, Specialty, Web Address, Postal Address, City, County, State, Zip Code, Direct Mail, and more.
  • A rigorous vetting process was carried out to ensure all contacts showed genuine interest in what the client company was offering.
  • The BANT requirements were kept in mind to ensure a short sales cycle.

Taking care of the above data integrity points secured the client premium SQLs, brought down customer acquisition costs, significantly pulled down bounce-backs and spam rates, and improved CTORs and CTRs, thus proving content relevancy and overall campaign efficacy. However, the biggest payoff of the project was that the sales cycles were no longer tedious, and the right customers were getting to know the client before the competitors get a strong footing. Lake B2B’s leads contact database helped write the client’s email marketing success story.

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