Transforming Email Nurture Campaigns With Market Qualified Healthcare Leads.

220% More Market Qualified Healthcare Leads Generated.

600% Rise In Email Marketing Click Through Rates Achieved.

2X Drop In Cost Per Lead Incurred To Get Healthcare Leads.

Meet the Client

The client is a prominent medical imaging tech company in the USA whose primary medical equipment portfolio includes 2D and 3D screening software for mammography. The company’s goal is to develop a next-gen medical imaging technology for breast cancer screening that improves survival rates worldwide. The software being developed will be advanced enough to support radiologists in their evaluation of mammograms leading to improved clinical outcomes, increased patient confidence, and reduced healthcare costs.

Target Audience the Client Wanted to Connect With

The client wanted to run multi-channel marketing campaigns on a global and local scale (mainly Brazil). The chosen target groups were users, specialists, and solution seekers of –

  • Mammography
  • Women’s Health
  • Healthcare
  • Imaging
  • Breast Cancer
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Computer Software
  • Deep Learning
  • Healthcare Technology

Focused Lead Profiles Sought by the Client

The client wanted their healthcare email list exclusively segmented around the following job titles and classifications –

  • Radiology groups worldwide to launch a global scale campaign
  • Radiologists in Brazil to launch a local or geo-targeted campaign
  • Key decision-makers and those with purchasing power in 2D and 3D imaging centers


Considering that the hallmarks of the healthcare software industry are painfully long purchase cycles and tough-to-beat competitors, the client’s sales and marketing teams collated a leads contact database which would help them craft hyper-personalized content and ‘subtle pitches’ that arrested leads attention and drove engagement by addressing pain points in line with their position in the marketing funnel.

Despite having innovation and patient care as their strong points, the client failed to reach their most valuable accounts. The company’s internal teams tried to leverage the five most effective channels to contact their target audience, namely, email, events, webinars, blogs, and social media handles. However, the results were far from desired.

Though the marketing teams attempted to stir up meaningful discussions on forums, the leads they contacted later via email ended up being patients and not radiologists. Email deliverability rates were at an all-time high (95%!) but the CTORs and CTRs hit rock bottom, rendering all data collection efforts fruitless. The client also contacted radiologists who did not have the budget or authority to invest in the client’s medical imaging software. Even the outbound marketing strategies across LinkedIn and Google PPC showed below-average engagement rates. As a result, even follow-up campaigns were a shot in the dark. Since the previous email strategies failed, no predictive models for ICPs could be created based on their analysis.

The underperforming CRM was also incomplete – it did not offer insights into the client’s competitors’ prospects and their online behavior.

No remarketing strategies could be developed. And when everyone felt that they had seen the worst, high customer attrition rates came as the final nail in the coffin.

The client’s TAM was performing online searches, browsing through competitor websites, assessing their options, and reading relevant thought leadership content, but they weren’t contacting the client company for help simply because the marketing database had no actionable data intelligence to offer.

In a nutshell, the client’s healthcare software marketing practices would include –

  • Hyper-targeted communications
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
  • Remarketing strategies directed at competitors’ prospects
  • Virtual events and summits
  • Hyper-personalized outbound strategies that reach genuinely-interested prospects
  • Churn reduction

To achieve the above-mentioned goals, the client needed a leads database that decoded the purchase intent of the target audience and helped stay abreast with tech-savvy patients.


It is then that the client approached the data-driven marketing experts of Lake B2B for help who conducted thorough market research and client database analysis. The results made it clear as day that the client’s existing database was dead in terms of its relevance. It did have contacts of radiologists worldwide and in Brazil (hence the high email deliverability rates), still the aspect of intent data identification was missing. Most of the contacts were irrelevant to the client’s business offerings as the client had no knowledge of their target audience’s purchase intent. As a result, Lake B2B offered the solution of –


The data experts of Lake B2B started by building accurate Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) based on their online modeling expertise. The most valuable accounts were chosen based on prospective audiences that showed the right pattern, buying intent and signals the client was looking for.

This step was followed by a systematic process of creating audience segments for communications and workflows and ultimately, scoring leads. The intent identification also helped to leverage tele-calling medium and appointment setting actions. The successful lead identification and generation was followed by an email nurturing process wherein the leads were invited to join relevant virtual events and webinars, read latest industry reports and other thought leadership content such as whitepapers and case studies, and more.

The solution helped the client identify and target key healthcare decision-makers who were the best fit to pitch the medical imaging software. A consistent email nurture journey helped in precision targeting and gathering further intelligence on user behavior.

The intent identification process even helped the client know the online behavior of their competitors’ prospects and hence, remarketing campaigns (mainly ads) were used to win them over. Through surveys, the key customer pain points regarding the software were identified. Hyper-targeted ads inviting to learn all about the software, its features, cost, and product demo sign-up were used to drive engagement with new leads and churned customers.

This 360-degree solution ensured that prospects that were ready to register for a product demo could be pushed down the sales funnel faster with a sustained email follow-up combined with tele-calling support that encouraged them to sign-up for an action.

RESULTS – Better ABM, Improved Metrics, Premium HQLs, and More

Lake B2B’s data experts empowered the client to contact, with confidence, 6 radiology groups in Brazil and around 1,262 radiologists in the country. The client’s ABM strategies received a major overhaul. Only genuinely-interested leads were targeted using content marketing, hyper-personalized emails, and LinkedIn and Google PPC ads.

The results were promising –

  • 220% more MQLs were generated
  • Nurture touches increased by 400%
  • Email CTRs saw a hike of 600%
  • The number of whitepaper downloads increased by 200%
  • CPL reduced by 200%
  • Customer churn rates dropped 2X

Lake B2B’s intent data modeling solutions bridged the gap that separated the client from their most valuable prospects. And what’s more; all of this was done in record time and a cost-effective manner. The client was able to acquire and retain customers, build brand image, prove ROIs and beat competition, but most importantly, they were able to get closer to their goal of transforming the breast cancer research industry with their next-gen medical imaging technology.

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