Lake B2B Empowered a Leading Consumer Goods Provider to Increase Website Traffic by 500% via Successful ABM

White Space was Brought down to 0

1 in Every 20 Sales were out of Referrals

LinkedIn Engagement Rate Improved by 200%

36% of the Orders were Repeat Purchases

Industry :Consumer Goods
Location :USA
Challenge :Lack of a high-performing CRM that would enable successful ABM via exclusively tailored content
Solution :Lake B2B’s human-verified database with comprehensive customer records

Audience Targeting Criteria

Target GroupTarget Location
RestaurantsUSA – Nationwide

Know the Key Targets

The five most popular types of restaurants in the US are –

  • Fast Food restaurants offering food served on-the-go whether from a counter or a drive-through window
  • Fast casual restaurants that offer a more upscale and diverse food choices that are highly priced when compared to fast food
  • Casual dining restaurants that offer table service and a sit-down meal regardless of whether they’re a local establishment or a big franchise
  • Contemporary casual restaurants that focus as much on the atmosphere and dining experience as on the menu. Their defining features may include sustainability, farm-to-fork practices, fusion cuisine, or unique beverages.
  • Cafes that are strictly beverage-focused establishments


In total, there are nearly 660k restaurant establishments across the US, offering employment to nearly 11.26 million people. Out of the 660k, about 337k are franchise establishments.

Target Accounts and Titles

Owner-OperatorVP/SVP of Operations
FranchiseVP/SVP/Director/Manager of Food Safety
General Manager‘Guest Experience’ or ‘Customer Experience’ title
VP/SVP/Director of Purchasing (or Procurement or Strategic Sourcing)‘Risk Management’ title

Meet the Client

The client company is a family-enterprise headquartered in the US, specializing in offering well-being solutions for both in-home and healthcare needs. Their motto is to save lives and make life better through well-being solutions. To this end, the solutions are founded upon corporate and environmental sustainability, continuous innovation, and community responsibility.

The client’s product portfolio is huge, with their specialties including skin care, hand hygiene, hand washing, hand sanitizing, surface disinfection, surface cleaning, surface sanitation, infection prevention, formulation, health and well-being, skin health, and infection control. Some of their most popular consumer products include hand sanitizers, soaps, heavy-duty hand cleaners, and surface wipes and disinfectants.


The client wanted to target a very niche audience group – restaurants across the US. However, since there were multiple stakeholders that needed convincing in every stage of the sales funnel, it was imperative to own a well-segmented contact database for Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

Targeting multiple personas with hyper-personalized messages and ads was only possible if there was accurate, relevant, and most importantly, intent-based leads data available. However, this was not the case. The client’s home-grown database was not segmented into different categories. As a result, all marketing campaigns were more or less the same. Lack of exclusively tailored content not only failed to address the pain-points of each lead but was affecting marketing ROIs significantly.

Emails were either getting bounced or showed poor CTORs and CTRs. Social media channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook were not being leveraged to their full potential – the ROAS clearly showed that marketing resources were going down the drain. Not only this but the client was also unable to employ other lucrative marketing channels into the mix, mainly Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing.

Where the poor email deliverability rates showed that the database included inaccurate, duplicate, and blank fields, the low CTRs were proof that the messages were reaching a wrong audience, even though the restaurant may have been on the radar. For instance – Sending the same message to the administrator and the financial manager of the same restaurant will only convert one of them. The other will only find the content to be gibberish or of little value.

The client was sure that they needed to develop hyper-personalized content for each of the targeted accounts and titles. Plus, they wanted to monitor and use the purchase intent of that persona as a guide to making marketing decisions – which stage of the sales funnel they’re in and what channels or content might be best at this stage to convert them?

What Happened Next?
With these concerns, the client approached the data partners of Lake B2B. All information, specifications, and past campaign performance details were relayed. Lake B2B’s data experts also ran a thorough check and market analysis. It was confirmed that lack of tailored content and intent data was hindering the client’s ability to showcase themselves as a thought leader in the industry despite having A-class hygiene products to offer.


The growth-oriented data experts of Lake B2B got to work immediately. The client’s existing database was thoroughly purged and all genuine contacts were salvaged. Their contact details were verified and updated.

Then, a fresh contact database based on the client’s specifications was collated with the help of the team’s massive global data repository. Over 110 data intelligence fields were included to enable the client to carry multi-channel marketing campaigns with ease. Here are some of them –

  • Prospect Full Name
  • Company Name
  • Web Address
  • Job Title
  • Postal Address
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Zip Code
  • Company Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • LinkedIn (wherever possible)


Data counts for each of the target audience criteria were as follows –</strong

  • Owner/Operator – 10,709 contacts
  • Franchise – 684 contacts
  • General Manager – 16,164 contacts
  • VP/SVP of Operations – 573 contacts
  • VP/SVP/Director of Purchasing (or Procurement or Strategic Sourcing) – 156 contacts
  • VP/SVP/Director/Manager of Food Safety – 90 contacts
  • Guest or Customer Experience title – 127 contacts
  • Risk management title – 152 contacts


The contact details of a total of 28,655 contacts were delivered.

Lake B2B’s data experts even helped out with the smarketing aspect. For this, the target audience was segmented into the following categories –

  • Administrators
  • Shift Managers
  • Procurement Influencers
  • CEOs and Business Owners
  • Finance Managers


Different communication and email nurture strategies were devised with unique content buckets for converting more customers. For instance – Administrators were said that if they agreed to partner with the client, they would be eligible for exclusive discounts every month. Similarly, procurement influencers were targeted with hyper-personalized emails wherein they were invited to a webinar to understand the need and benefits of software that would digitize supply chain processes, thereby leading to cost reduction, easy tracking of inventory, and more. These targeted messages were also aligned as per the lead’s position in the sales funnel. For instance – Procurement influencer leads at the top of the funnel were sent resourceful case studies; those in the middle of the sales funnel were offered product demos, whereas those at the bottom received customer testimonials and success stories in their LinkedIn feeds. Finance managers were highlighted the key benefits of the products and offered exclusive partnership discounts which would make the overall purchase cost-effective if they were to become long-term customers.

Once a purchase was made, the after-sales benefits continued. While word-to-mouth referral marketing was encouraged, a niche referral marketing campaign was also launched which was tied to the NPS program so that the client had a clear idea of whom to target with referrals. Mainly the CEOs and owners of the food establishments were chosen for their degree of influence. These titles were not targeted with direct “Please refer us” campaigns. Rather, softer, more subtle approaches were taken – A survey was conducted to understand which form of referrals each of the accounts was comfortable with (video testimonials, conference speaking, quotes in press releases, reference calls, etc.). Then, accordingly, product discounts and valuable gift cards were offered. Even procurement influencers were targeted with referral marketing wherein they would receive free software training in return for their referrals.

Events were held where three of the top CEOs were chosen and offered the opportunity to speak about the importance of hygiene in their restaurants and what standards they’re using. They would also get to give the reason for choosing the client company. While promoting the client, the restaurants would receive wider audience coverage. Such event invites were sent via email and later notifications were given to the three selected restaurant owners.


The personalized lead-gen, email nurture, and customer retention strategies breathed new life into the client’s marketing efforts. The scrubbed clean database skyrocketed email deliverability up to 95% and the CTRs improved to 2.5%. The engagement rate on LinkedIn ads was between 2 to 2.6%! The Return on Ads Spend showed a fairly decent ratio – 3:1 proving that the campaigns were cost-effective.

The referral marketing was proving to be lucrative deals – the participation rate was good and most importantly, the referral conversion rate always stood above 15%. The overall campaign performance evidenced that the marketing messages were well-aligned to the lead’s position in the sales funnel.

The client company’s CEO stated, “We’re creating this whole other avenue of a sales pipeline that we didn’t have before, and we’re reaching people we wouldn’t have reached before. Lake B2B’s data intelligence solutions have boosted our targeted marketing efforts to a whole new level. Our successful ABM and social media marketing practices have increased brand recognition and opened up ways for those who genuinely need our products and services to interact with us in a very real way.”

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